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Advice and Information

  1. - Interesting site that focuses on GMAT preparation.
  2. Business Majors - A comprehensive collection of links and sturdy advice from guide, Lori Yamazaki.
  3. AACSB - The International Association for Management Education offers excellent information on programs in business management and accounting.
  4. - Advice on writing personal statements, rec letters, and tips on interviewing.
  5. Accounting Programs - has a comprehensive list of US and non-US programs with some direct links.
  6. Applicant Support Network - Offers studied guidance specifically on how to apply for business school.
  7. - If you're tired of US New's lock on rankings (as I am), then check the Marr/Kirkwood Guide to get the inside scoop on the B-School you want to attend.
  8. Cambridge Essay Service - Consultation on personal statements for high end business school applications. Highly personalize service and free--that's right--free advice over the phone.
  9. College and University Education in the United States for Non-U.S. Citizens -
  10. Executive MBA programs - From, a list of US and non-US weekend MBA programs with direct links.
  11. Graduate School Programs Search Page -
  12. International Business Programs - has a comprehensive list of International Programs with direct links.
  13. International Business Schools - Peterson's offers a list of MBA programs throughout the world with some program information.  (Only a few direct links.)
  14. Kaplan: Business School - This is a direct link to Kaplan's business section. See also their page on the GMAT CAT
  15. MBA - Source for MBA information. Offers online application to Business School.
  16. MBA Exchange - A classy  high-end, full-service consulting firm for MBA hopefuls.
  17. MBA Explorer - Brought to you by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), this is the best non-profit resource on the net for prospective B-School students.
  18. Merlin Falcon MBA Guide - Excellent international resource for prospective business school students.
  19. MBA Monitor - Good practical advice for MBA students and prospective students.
  20. MBA Programs - From, a comprehensive list of US and non-US MBA programs with direct links.
  21. MBA Scene - This source cannot be overlooked by the prospective MBA student.
  22. MBA Style Magazine - Career, program, and general  information for MBA students.
  23. National Black MBA Assoc., DC Chapter - Program and admissions information for African American MBA candidates.
  24. Peterson's MBA page - Terrific source for business school information, rankings, test prep, and books.
  25. Petersons's Site Map
  26. Princeton Review's Business School Page - Another excellent contribution from Princeton Review Online.
  27. Ph.D. and D.B.A. Programs - From, a comprehensive list of US and non-US programs offering Doctorates in Business.
  28. Universities and Colleges Choosing a US College
  29. Universities and Colleges Comparing Canadian and US School Systems
  30. Universities and Colleges The Application Process


  1. Brain Store: GMAT - Not free, but reasonably priced and sexy interactive downloads to help prepare for grad or professional school. This is a direct link to GMAT testing information.
  2. Delta Course - Offers a free daily GMAT practice question as well as online GMAT study guides and practice questions.
  3. GMAT - This is the site for the GMAT, the B-School version of the SAT but in the end, quite different.
  4. Kaplan GMAT CAT - Good advice on how to take the computerized version of the GMAT.
  5. Official GMAT Practice Text - A practice exam from MBA Explorer.
  6. Princeton Review's GMAT preparation - The Graduate Management Admissions test (GMAT). These guys give excellent advice on specific "thinking" strategies to pump up your score.
  7. Xtra GMAT prep - This is a direct link to Explorer's page on the GMAT. Good sample questions and a "question of the day" (that is currently not being updated each day).


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