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  1. Brunel University, Uxbridge - Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  2. City University London - Department of Mathematics.
  3. De Montfort University, Leicester - Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  4. HoDoMS Home Page - Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences, the body that represents UK departments of Mathematics and Statistics by co-ordinating senior members of these departments.
  5. Keele University - Department of Mathematics.
  6. Lancaster University - Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
  7. Loughborough University - Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  8. Manchester Metropolitan University - Department of Computing and Mathematics.
  9. Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick
  10. Mathematics, University of Cambridge - Faculty
  11. Mathematics, University of York - Combines interdisciplinary research with undergraduate and postgraduate
  12. Mathematics, University of Wales Swansea - Mission: 1. Respond to the national need for graduates. 2. Provide
  13. Nottingham Trent University - Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research.
  14. Nuclear Physics at the University of Birmingham (UK)
  15. Open University - Faculty of Mathematics and Computing.
  16. Physics at The Nottingham Trent University - A guide to the Physics courses and facilities at The Nottingham Trent University, awarded a maximum 24 points for teaching quality in a recent QAA visit.
  17. Physics Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, England
  18. Physics, University of Durham
  19. School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester - Information for potential applicants, and resources for students.
  20. School of Physics, University of Aberdeen
  21. Theoretical Physics Group at the University of Birmingham
  22. UK Mathematics Departments - List of mathematics departments, centres and institutes in the United
  23. University of Bath - Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  24. University of Birmingham - Maths & Statistics
  25. University of Brighton - School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.
  26. University of Bristol , Physics Department
  27. University of Durham - Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  28. University of East Anglia, Norwich - School of Mathematics.
  29. University of Essex, Colchester - Department of Mathematics.
  30. University of Exeter - School of Mathematical Sciences.
  31. University Of Greenwich - School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.
  32. University of Hertfordshire - Mathematics Department.
  33. University of Huddersfield - School of Computing and Mathematics.
  34. University of Hull, Physics Department
  35. University of Kent at Canterbury - Institute of Mathematics and Statistics
  36. University of Leeds Physics Department
  37. University of Leeds - School of Mathematics.
  38. University of Leicester - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  39. University of Liverpool - Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  40. University of London, Birkbeck College - Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
  41. University of London, Goldsmiths' College - Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences.
  42. University of London, Imperial College - Department of Mathematics.
  43. University of London, King's College - Department of Mathematics.
  44. University of London, London School of Economics - Department of Mathematics.
  45. University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College - School of Mathematical Sciences.
  46. University of London, Royal Holloway - Department of Mathematics.
  47. University of London, University College - Department of Mathematics.
  48. University of Manchester - Department of Mathematics.
  49. University of Newcastle - School of Mathematics and Statistics.
  50. University of Nottingham - Department of Mathematics
  51. University of Oxford - Mathematical Institute.
  52. University of Plymouth - School of Mathematics and Statistics.
  53. University of Portsmouth - Division of Mathematics and Statistics.
  54. University of Reading - Department of Mathematics.
  55. University of Science and Technology in Manchester (UMIST) - Department of Mathematics.
  56. University of Sheffield - School of Mathematics & Statistics.
  57. University of Southampton BioInformatics Data Server - DNA and Protein sequencing Resources
  58. University of Southampton - School of Biological Sciences
  59. University of Surrey, Guildford - Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
  60. University of Sussex at Brighton - School of Mathematical Sciences.
  61. University of the West of England, Bristol - Faculty of Computer Studies and Mathematics.
  62. University of Ulster - School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.

Northern Ireland

  1. Dublin City University
  2. Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies - (DIAS)
  3. Irish Mathematical Society
  4. National University of Ireland, Cork - (Mathematics)
  5. National University of Ireland, Galway - (Mathematics)
  6. National University of Ireland,Dublin - (Mathematics)
  7. National University of  Ireland,Maynooth - (Mathematics)
  8. Queen's University, Belfast - (Mathematics and Physics)
  9. St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra,Dublin - (Mathematics)
  10. Trinity College Dublin
  11. University College Cork, - (Applied Mathematics)
  12. University of Limerick
  13. University of Ulster,School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences


  1. Glasgow Caledonian University - Mathematics Department.
  2. Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh - Departments of Mathematics.
  3. University of Aberdeen - Mathematical Sciences
  4. University of Dundee - Department of Mathematics.
  5. University of Glascow - Physics Department.
  6. University of Paisley - Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
  7. University of St Andrews - School of Mathematics and Statistics.
  8. University of St. Andrews, School of Physics and Astronomy - Provides wide coverage of physics & astronomy for undergraduates, and significant research, but is small enough for staff and students to interact in ways that may not be possible elsewhere.
  9. University of Stirling - Computing Science and Mathematics.
  10. University of Strathclyde -Department of Physics & Applied Physics, Listing of all Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught courses including


  1. Cardiff University - Physics and Astronomy
  2. North East Wales Institute of Higher Education
  3. University of Glamorgan - Division of Mathematics.
  4. University of Wales, Aberystwyth. - Department of Mathematics
  5. University of Wales, Bangor - Mathematics page (School of Informatics).
  6. Wales, Cardiff, University of
  7. Wales, Lampeter, University of
  8. Wales, Swansea, University of


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