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  1. Academy International
  2. Alexelle English Centre
  3. Anglo Continental Educational Group
  4. Anglolang
  5. Angloschool
  6. AS English
  7. Aviation English Courses
  8. Bath University - The Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture is concerned with the integration of architectural history and computing.
  9. BEET Language Centre
  10. Bethany Independent School
  11. Bournemouth International Language College
  12. Bournemouth University. - Offers an MSc in Architectural Materials Conservation that examines the materials, technologies and philosophies used in the repair and restoration of historic buildings. Bruce Induni's personal pages.
  13. Buckswood Summer School
  14. Burlington School of English
  15. Byron School of English
  16. Cambridgeshire School Of English
  17. Centre for Advanced Studies: English Language Development Programme
  18. Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT)
  19. Champion International
  20. Cheltenham School of English
  21. Cool School
  22. Cosmopolitan College
  23. Courtauld Institute of Art - Research interests over a broad spectrum of the arts and architecture of the Western world from classical antiquity to the present day. The Conway Library, open to the public, houses just under a million images related to architecture.
  24. Cranmor Language
  25. Crest Schools of English
  26. Devon School of English
  27. Eagle International School
  28. Eastbourne School of English
  29. Eaton Language Centre
  30. Eckersley School of English, The
  31. Eden House College
  32. Edinburgh School of English
  33. English Country School, The
  34. English Experience (UK) Ltd
  35. English In Devon
  36. English School at the Chelsea Centre
  37. Frances King School of English
  38. GEOS English Academy
  39. Hampstead School of English
  40. Hastings English Language Centre
  41. Hoylake
  42. Interlingua-Jersey
  43. International House - International Language Centres
  44. International House London
  45. InTuition Languages
  46. ISCA School of English
  47. King's English Language Schools
  48. Kings School of English
  49. Language House, The
  50. Language Unlimited
  51. Learn English Through Golf
  52. Leicester Square School of English
  53. Lilian Bishop School of English
  54. Lomond Language Centre
  55. London Academy
  56. London School of English
  57. London Study Centre
  58. Lydbury English Centre
  59. Mayfair School of English
  60. Mayfield College Of English
  61. Meads School of English Language
  62. Netherhall International College
  63. Olcote Guardianships and Language Services
  64. Olivet English Language School
  65. Oxford Brookes University - School of Architecture: Master's Degree course in International Studies in Vernacular Architecture, directed by Paul Oliver, editor of The Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World.
  66. Oxford Intensive School of English
  67. Oxford Overseas Tutorials
  68. Pilgrims Ltd.
  69. Plymouth University - School of Architecture incorporates the Centre for Earthen Architecture, which is leading British research, technical and historical, into cob buildings.
  70. Princes College
  71. Riviera English School
  72. Rutland School of English
  73. School of African and Asian Studies, London - Art and Archaeology Department: the visual arts, architecture and material culture of Asia and Africa.
  74. Sidmouth International School
  75. St John's Wood School of English
  76. Star Tek Language and Drama School
  77. Stratford-upon-Avon School of English Studies
  78. Studio School of English
  79. Swindon Hall Private School
  80. The English Institute
  81. The New School of English
  82. Truro College
  83. Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
  84. Twin Towers School of English
  85. University College London - The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment offers an MSc in 19th- and 20th-century architectural history.
  86. University of Birmingham - Department of the History of Art.
  87. University of Bristol - Department of Art History.
  88. University of Buckingham - Offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in art history, heritage management, heritage tourism management and decorative arts and historic interiors.
  89. University of Buckinghan - English Language & Foundation Programs
  90. University of Cambridge - Department of History of Art.
  91. University of East Anglia - Centre of East Anglian Studies.
  92. University of Essex - Department of Art History and Theory.
  93. University of Leeds - School of English
  94. University of Oxford - Department of the History of Art
  95. University of Reading - Department of History of Art and Architecture.
  96. University of Sussex Language Centre
  97. University of Warwick - History of Art Department.
  98. University of York - Department of Art History.
  99. UTS International
  100. Wessex Academy School of English
  101. Winchester School of English
  102. Yorkshire International School

Northern Ireland

  1. Aisling Ireland
  2. Annaghdown English Language School
  3. Carlow Internation English Language School
  4. Clare Language Centre
  5. Derrynane English Language Training
  6. Dublin Language Centre and Camp Ireland
  7. Dublin School of English
  8. Emerald Cultural Institute
  9. Galway Cultural Institute Language School
  10. Gryphon Institute of English & Cultural Studies
  11. Horner School of English
  12. Ireland West English Language Holidays
  13. Key Institute
  14. Killarney School of English
  15. Language and Activity Holidays, Ltd.
  16. Language and Leisure Ireland
  17. Language Centre of Ireland, The
  18. Monika's Accommodation and Language Service
  19. Salesian English Language Centre
  20. South of Ireland Language Centre
  21. Swan Training Institute
  22. Tipperary Educational Enterprises
  23. WestWords Language School
  24. WISE - West of Ireland Schools of English


  1. University of St Andrews, Scotland - The School of Art History. Teaching and research interests extend from the Medieval to the Modern periods, and include British architecture.


  1. Glamorgan, University of
  2. North East Wales Institute of Higher Education - Athrofa Addysg Uwch Gogledd Ddwyrain Cymru
  3. Wales, Aberystwyth, University of
  4. Wales, Bangor, University of
  5. Wales, Cardiff, University of
  6. Wales College of Medicine, University of
  7. Wales, Lampeter, University of
  8. Wales, Swansea, University of


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