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Useful links on Students Associations in Canada

  1. Alma Mater Society of Queens University
  2. Association of Laurentian Part-time Students
  3. Athabasca University Students' Association
  4. Bishop's University Students' Representative Council
  5. British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association
  6. Brock University Students' Union, Inc.
  7. Carleton Graduate Students' Association
  8. Carleton University Students' Association
  9. Concordia University Students' Association
  10. Fédération Étudiante de l'Université de Sherbrooke
  11. Grand Prairie Regional College Student Association
  12. Kwantlen Student Association
  13. Laurentian Graduate Students' Association
  14. Laurentian University Association of Francophone Students (AEF)
  15. Laurentian University Students' General Association (SGA)
  16. Lethbridge Community College Students' Associations
  17. McGill University Students' Society
  18. McMaster Association of Part-Time Students
  19. McMaster Students Union
  20. Memorial University Graduate Students' Union
  21. Memorial University's Council of Students' Union
  22. Mount Royal College Students' Association
  23. New Brunswick Student Alliance
  24. Nippissing University Student Union
  25. Saint Mary's University Students' Association
  26. Student Federation of the University of Ottawa
  27. The Alma Mater Society of the University of British Columbia
  28. The Dalhousie Student Union
  29. The King's University College Student Association
  30. The Mount Allison Students'Administrative Council
  31. The St. Francis Xavier University Students' Union
  32. The St. Thomas Student Union
  33. The UBC Graduate Student Society
  34. The University of New Brunswick Student Union
  35. Trent Central Student Association
  36. Trinity Western University Student Association
  37. Université de Monton - Edmunston
  38. Université de Monton
  39. Université Laval Confédération des associations d'étudiant-e-s
  40. University College of Cape Breton Students Union
  41. University of Alberta Students' Union
  42. University of Calgary Graduate Students' Association
  43. University of Calgary Students' Union
  44. University of Guelph Central Student Association (CSA)
  45. University of Lethbridge Students' Union
  46. University of Manitoba Graduate Students' Association
  47. University of Manitoba Students' Union
  48. University of Northern British Columbia Graduate Student Society
  49. University of Regina Students' Union
  50. University of Saskatchewan Graduate Students' Association
  51. University of Saskatchewan Students' Union
  52. University of Toronto Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students
  53. University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union Home Page
  54. University of Toronto Students' Administrative Council
  55. University of Victoria Graduate Students Society
  56. University of Victoria Students Society
  57. University of Waterloo Federation of Students
  58. University of Waterloo Graduate Students' Association
  59. University of Windsor Organization of Part-time University Students
  60. University of Windsor Students' Alliance Home Page
  61. University Students' Council (University of Western Ontario)
  62. York Federation of Students
  63. York University Graduate Students' Association


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