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Useful links on Alumni Associations in Canada

  1. Acadia University Alumni Office - Preserving the Tradition ...Alumni Hall History,Acadia's Symbols, Acadia Songs, Recognising Excellence ... Distinguished Service Award, Excellence in Teaching Exceptional Alumni Volunteer Award, Student of the Year Award, Excellence in University Service Award Building for the Future...Alumni Staff, Branches and Events, Reunions and Special Events, S.M.A.R.T.T. Group (Students Maintaining Alumni Relations Through Teamwork)
  2. Atlantic Baptist University Alumni - Class notes from the fifties 'til present
  3. Augustana Alumni Association - General information, board, staff, history, volunteer, events, guestbook, e-mail directory, on-line information update form, awards
  4. Bishop's University Alumni - Class notes, board, mission, past presidents
  5. Brescia College Alumnae News - Page of general information.
  6. Brock University Alumni and Friends - Student ambassadors, committees, constitution and bylaws, board with on-line nomination forms membership and benefits, on-line information update form, affinity program, alumni locator, events, homecoming and class reunion. Development with giving societies, board and trustees, honor roll of donors, campaign information with campaign projects, campaign history, how to give, pledge form in PDF format and matching gifts.
  7. Canadian Mennonite Bible College Alumni - List of alumni events
  8. Canadian University College - Parkview Adventist Academy Alumni Association - CUC/PAA alumni e-mail directory, archives department, historic photo gallery.
  9. Capilano College - Alumni - General information, on-line newsletter, links to foundation with giving information, board, staff.
  10. Carleton University Alumni - Mission, on-line magazine, on-line information update form, staff. Board, events, chapters with chapter pages, awards, homecoming, links to campus, class notes, benefits, merchandise, awards. Campaign information, guide to giving, giving societies, planned giving, on-line pledge form, lost alumni, volunteer. Board, events, chapters with chapter pages, awards, homecoming, links to campus, class notes, benefits, merchandise, awards.
  11. Concord College Alumni - Signup page for Alumni
  12. Concordia University Alumni Home - What's new, FAQ, mission, staff. On-line information update form, on-line magazine, benefits, lifetime e-mail forwarding, career, events, travel, homecoming, chapters, student alumni pages, history, volunteer


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