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9.1 Preparation for Job Search

The basic requirement, before you can even begin a job search, is preparing a resume. A resume shows the prospective employer what you can offer as an employee. It outlines your education, accomplishments, skills, and capabilities. You must adopt the North American style and structure for your resume; items such as gender, father's name, photograph etc. are not required and, in fact, they should not be included. iMahal offers comprehensive guidance on Resume Writing, including examples.

When you write to a prospective employer to explore employment opportunities, a resume must be accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter shows your interest, summarizes the most important aspects of what you can offer the employer, and tells the employer where and when you can be contacted for further information and interview. iMahal offers comprehensive guidance on Letter Writing, including writing a cover letter.

Most colleges and universities have guidance counselors who can assist you with resume and letter writing.

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