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8.3 Selecting Courses and Managing your Schedule

During each term, the courses and the schedule are not assigned to you; you have to make the selection yourself. It is your responsibility.

Every program of studies typically what are called the required courses and electives. The required courses are the core courses that every student in the program must take. In addition, every student in the program is expected to select courses of interest from the list of electives and fulfill the stated credit hour requirements. Each one of these courses may or may not have certain prerequisites, which means that one must have completed certain prerequisite courses before taking a particular course. So long as one has the prerequisites, one can take a course.

Each term, the college publishes a schedule of courses and outlines the registration process and the timeline. You can plan which courses you want to take and manage your own schedule. You are expected to register for the courses every term. Each course has a limited number of seats, so it is conceivable that by the time you go for registration, the course you wish to take is already full. You should prepare for some back-up choices for such a scenario. You are allowed to change your selection over a certain period of time at the beginning of each term. If the course you wanted was full, you can check frequently if someone who was registered for the course drops it, thereby making it available to you. Should this happen, you can rearrange your course selection and schedule appropriately. In fact, you can rearrange your schedule up to a couple of weeks into the term. And you are allowed to drop a course, well into the term, should you choose to do so. It might be an option for a course on which you are not doing well or you are not interested in it any longer. By dropping out of a course, you may lose full or partial tuition and the work effort, but your performance attendance in the course is not recorded on your official transcript.

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