Studying in America and Canada
6.6 Quick Reference Materials
Important Tips
  • Your purpose for the student visa must be for studies only, and you must stick to the line that you will return to India upon completion of your studies.
  • You must arrange for adequate financing prior to leaving India, not just to satisfy the consulate officials but for your survival in the host country. Money is not readily available in America or Canada. Donít arrive in America or Canada on a hope and a prayer.
  • Your student visa for America implicitly permits you to accept any form of financial assistance. In contrast, you need a work permit to accept any financial assistance in Canada.
Documents required for the International Student Visa
  • An application form, completed and signed
  • A passport, valid for least six months beyond the date of entry
  • One passport-size for America and two for Canada
  • Form I-20A-B for America, an offer of admission for Canada
  • Offer of financial assistance, if applicable
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
Plus, application fee: $45 for America, Cdn$125 for Canada
The Process
  • Submit application, along with the required documentation, at the nearest consulate
  • Follow steps then specified by the consulate officials

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