Studying in America and Canada

Are there any medical restrictions on the work I seek?

Yes. If you have passed an immigration medical examination you may apply for an employment authorization to seek and accept any type of employment on campus. Students who have not undertaken an immigration medical examination may also apply for an employment authorization to work on campus. However, such students will be prevented from working in areas involving child care, primary or secondary teaching, health services, and certain agricultural occupations.

May my spouse work?

A spouse of a full-time student at a community college or university may apply for authorization to work in the general labour market. The spouse should phone a Canada Immigration Centre in Canada to obtain more information about submission of an application.

A spouse may work only during the validity of the student authorization. Any income earned while in Canada should not replace the need to meet the financial requirements for the student authorization. Also, a medical examination may be required.

May my children attend school?

Your dependent children may be able to study in Canada. Before attending classes, you must apply for and obtain a student authorization for your children. Phone the Nearest Canada Immigration Centre in Canada for an application.

May I leave Canada and return?

Yes. However, should your student authorization expire while you are out of Canada, you may not be allowed to return to study. An immigration officer at the port of entry will decide if you still meet the requirements for admission.

If you initially required a visitor visa in addition to a student authorization, you will be able to return to Canada providing your visa, passport and student authorization are all valid.

How do I obtain an extension of my student authorization?

Phone your nearest Canada Immigration Centre in Canada at least two months before the expiry of your student authorization, to obtain an application in the mail.

Note: Canada Immigration Centres are listed in local telephone directories under Government of Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

An extension of a student authorization does not affect your visitor visa. To obtain a new visitor visa, you must apply outside of Canada. It is your responsibility to ensure your visitor visa remains valid. The entry of international students into Canada is regulated by the Government of Canada. Nevertheless, your admission to an educational institution may be subject to policies in the province where you want to study.

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