Studying in America and Canada  
6.2 The International Student Visa "Game"

We have already addressed above the game that many candidates play with the financial requirements. This financial engineering is a game, which we strongly advise against playing. We can not express our opinion on this in strong enough language. We know that your desire and passion for "going to America and Canada" may overwhelm our advice, and you may choose to play the financial engineering game, but consider yourself forewarned.

But there is another game that goes on, between you and the consulate officials. This is a game of a "wink and a nod," for which we shall offer you some advice. Let us first understand the objectives of the parties involved: you and the consulate officials.

You objectives are to:

  1. Obtain the international student visa for your studies in America or Canada (an explicit goal)
  2. Live permanently in the host country - America or Canada - beyond the completion of your studies (an implicit goal for many, if not most, international students)

Objectives of the consulate officials are to ensure that you:

  1. Intend to be in the host country strictly for the purpose(s) for which the visa is being requested, and that you will not engage in activities prohibited by the visa;
  2. Have an offer of admission and the requisite qualifications to pursue the stated program of studies at the stated college;
  3. Have adequate financing to sustain yourself during your stay in the host country;
  4. Do not have a dodgey background, a criminal background, or a background incompatible with the geopolitical and national interests of the host country.

Integral to the assessment of your candidacy for the visa is that you are not lying, either through your responses in the interview or through documents you submit (outright forgery or untruthful statements). Any sign of deceit, and your application will be summarily rejected. Be honest, open, and forthright at all times. If you do not understand anything, ask for it to be repeated, before responding. Donít be nervous - understand what the consulate officials are trying to accomplish. Your understanding of their objectives and your cooperation and assistance in helping them achieve their objective will help your case.

With one exception, perhaps! Remember that the student visa requires that you must return to the home country after the completion of your studies. A visa is issued for a specific purpose and specific duration. If the purpose and intended duration are different from those of the visa for which you are applying, your application will be rejected.

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