Studying in America and Canada

2.3 Your Decision

By now, you have had the opportunity to address the two fundamental questions:

1. Could you study in America or Canada?

2. Should you study in America or Canada?

If your answered yes to both questions, it is time to figure out what to do next. The remainder of the book helps you do just that. If you answered No to Question 2, you are done. But if you are still curious about leaning how the American and Canadian systems of education work, you will find the remainder of the book informative. If you answered Yes to Question 2 but No on Question 1, we have discussed in Section 2.1 the variables that you control and can effect a change in your situation, should you choose to do so. It is up to you to put in the hard work . We can only offer information, advice, guidance, and insights.


2.4 Discussion

We recognize that a large number of Indian students want to study in America or Canada. The desire is often instinctive. In this chapter, we have identified the fundamental question you must address: Could you and should you study in America or Canada? We have offered information and a decision-making framework that would allow you to make a decision that is right for you.

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