Studying in America and Canada  
2.2.1 Financial impact of education in America and Canada

The average graduate in America or Canada has significantly higher earning power than a top-notch graduate in India with similar qualifications [see Table 2A]. Many students from India study in America or Canada with the hope that they can continue living in the host country permanently. This happens often, but not always. The procedure for converting your status from an international student to a permanent resident, upon completion of your studies, is risky, complicated, bureaucratic, and time consuming. If you are able to continue living in the host country, beyond your education, your earning power will undoubtedly be significantly greater than that in India. If however, by desire or accident, you end up returning to India after graduation, your earning power is not likely to be close to the earning power in America or Canada but it would still be better than an average Indian graduate in India. Generally speaking, you will be better off in financial terms with an American or Canadian education. We recognize that financial success is not the only goal to which people strive, nonetheless it is an important ingredient for many students.

Table 2A. Ranges of Starting Salaries in North America by Degree 




MS in Computer Science $55K-$65K Cdn$64K-74K
MBA $65K-$75K Cdn$74K-84K
JD (Law) $60K-$70K Cdn$68K-78K


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