Studying in America and Canada

Whether you are just thinking about it or already doing it, this book is for you if you want to learn more about college education in America or Canada. You may be one of these people:

  • Just starting out with a twinkle in your eyes about the possibility of studying in America or Canada.
  • Applying to colleges in America or Canada for admission and financial assistance.
  • Have been accepted and planning the trip of your life to America or Canada
  • Have just arrived or have already spent as much as 3 months in the US or Canada.
  • About to graduate from America or Canada and have important decisions to make about your early career.

The book does much more than help you decide whether you should study in America or Canada. It outlines the admissions process and requirements, explains different options for financial assistance, describes entrance exams and how to prepare for them, clarifies the student visa process and requirements, details the systems of education in America and Canada, and helps you with your choices and the decision-making for your early career.

The book addresses undergraduate (Bachelorís degree) and graduate (Masterís and Doctoral degree) programs of studies for all disciplines, namely: Business (Commerce), Computer Science, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Medicine, and Sciences.

Students around the world strive to obtain the best possible education. This desire is even stronger for higher education - to attend the most prestigious academic institutions and acquire the most admired degrees. In todayís information age, knowledge is valued more than ever, and education is the means to acquire the fundamental knowledge through a systematic process. After all, the better the education, the greater the chances are of professional success.

This scenario is at least as true in India as it is in any other country in the world. The cultural and social emphasis on higher education is well entrenched in the Indian psyche. There is a tacit recognition that higher education from reputable institutions is the means to salvation. Every parent encourages, supports, and sometimes even dictates that the child must study hard to get admitted to a highly-admired program at a highly-recognized college or university. Of course, proud parents celebrate with family, friends, and neighbors when the child accomplishes this milestone.

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