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  • Movie Critic   - You rate movies you've seen and the we recommend the movies you'll like.
  • Reel USA   - Large source for movie trailers old and new. Has an ever-growing index of official movie scripts, a top ten movie list, and a free movie newsletter.
  • The Internet Movie Database   - The ultimate movie reference source and covers everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies.

iMahal suggests:

  1. 1st SPOT Movies - Personally reviewed links on movies, movie guides, showtimes, film reviews, top films, awards, cinema, oscars and motion picture.
  2. A Step Closer - Live chats and interviews with celebrities. Request your favorite celeb for our next chat session, and ask what you've been dying to know,
  3. Absolute Celebrities - Includes biography, filmography, contact information, pictures of many celebrities.
  4. Absolutely Celebrity Network - Pictures, freebies, media, and links for many favorite celebrities.
  5. Celebrity Art - Abstract picture galleries, biographies, the latest news and gossip, games, filmographies, discographies, and opinion polls on the hottest stars.
  6. Ace Entertainment - Latest info on the hottest actors/actresses and models in the world.
  7. Actingfool's Movie Page Indexer - This site is to help you find the official site for each movie. Created and maintained by actor/motion picture operator Jeff Geissler.
  8. All Movie Guide - Film, people and plot finder, available in six different languages.
  9. Always Independent Films - Showing independent feature films, short films, documentaries, and animation.
  10. Asian American Film Database - Database of Asian American films and filmmakers. Synopses, technical info, contact info.
  11. Bibliography of fantastic Film - International bibliography of literature dealing with film.
  12. Black Queens - Yahoo club dedicated to the most beautiful women on the world.
  13. Blake's Trailers - Over 30 trailers available for download and new ones added weekly. If one isn't here, just request it and it will be added within a day.
  14. Box Office Mojo - Star Power 69 - Objective ranking of the stars' bankability. Includes box office breakdowns of each star.
  15. Canadian Stars - Celebrity site featuring famous Canadians with information and links.
  16. Celebrity Addresses - Features home and e-mail addresses.
  17. Celebrity Addresses - A free site with thousands of home and e-mail addresses of your favorite stars.
  18. Celebrity Advice Quotations - Advice on all topics by well known people.
  19. Celebrity CD - The Celebrity Guide - Celebritiy pictures, downloads, games, biographies, filmographies, mailing addresses and links.
  20. Celebrity Contest, The - Which celebrity would you like to sleep with?
  21. Celebrity Date - Find out which celebrities you're most compatible with.
  22. Celebrity Desktop - Locate screensavers, desktop themes, wallpaper, icons, and other free celebrity related goodies for your computer.
  23. Celebrity Homes on Video - Stars and Celebrity Homes presented on this exclusive video.
  24. Celebrity Lounge - The magazine of celebrity culture includes the 50 most popular celebrities, memorabilia auctions, and feature articles.
  25. Celebrity Sightings - Official fan club entertainment web site featuring top teen celebrities.
  26. Celebrity Trade Zone - Memorabilia featuring Backstreet Boys, Moffatts, Ricky Martin, Nsync and other celebrities.
  27. - One of the few independent celebrity based sites on the internet. This site has photo galleries, fan mail addresses, gossip, live chat and links to other sites.
  28. Christina's Anti-Drugs Celebrity Site - A site meant to preserve the memories of celebrities who died of drug abuse such as River Phoenix, Judy Garland, and John Belushi.
  29. CINEGUIDE - International CineLinks in english, french and portuguese.
  30. Cinema FreeNet - Find connections between any two actors, any two movies, or a movie and an actor. This program uses data compiled from This is a great tool to play "6 degrees of separation."
  31. cinemotore - The first and only italian cinema search engine.
  32. - A billboard for unseen films where filmmakers can list their current, pending or shot and/or shelved film projects.
  33. Comedy Webpage Extravaganza - Pictures, sounds, and biographies of all your favorite celebrities.
  34. Dark Horizons - Film Trailers
  35. Driveways of the Rich and Famous - Come along as John Cunningham takes you to the driveways of your favorite stars. Meet the people who know stars best- gardeners, mailmen, and next-door neighbors.
  36. - Packed with news, movie reviews, interviews, forum, store and just about anything else you can imagine.
  37. Entertainment Sleuth - Free service that tracks the Internet's top Entertainment sites to bring you comprehensive news about your favorite movies, actors, and actresses. Register to create profiles of your favorite celebrities.
  38. eStar - Find news and information about your favorite celebrities. This site offers celebrity profiles, news, chats, forums, an online store, and much more.
  39. Female Celebrity Smoking List - Index and status of all celebrities who have ever smoked.
  40. Fiction Into Film List - Searchable list of science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies and TV shows that were based on works of fiction.
  41. FilmWorld - Trailers, Shorts and Streaming Film Interviews - View trailers and shorts of most of the new released films provided by
  42. Freeality Online Movie Resources & Reviews - Search a wide variety of film and movies sites for reviews, filmographies stars and information.
  43. Global100 Female Stars - Global Top 100 charts for the most popular female stars, created by votes from readers, 24 hours a day.
  44. Global100 Male Stars - Global Top 100 charts for the most popular male stars, created by votes from readers, 24 hours a day.
  45. Going Hollywood - Entertaining site that celebrates vintage Hollywood. Explores landmarks, celebrities, studios, star recipes, birthdays, along with suggested reading and movies. Includes Silver Screen Shop featuring select Hollywood memorabilia.
  46. Haunted Hearse - Ride in a 1971 Cadillac hearse to visit Hollywood places said to be haunted by celebrities.
  47. Heidi's Celebrity Adventures - Real life encounters with celebrities. Candid photos, scanned autographs and a message board.
  48. HereontheWeb Movie & TV Studios - A fantastic collection of all the majore studios
  49. Hollywood Composers - This site lists just about any film composer you could think of, and then some more.
  50. - Movie resource covering Hollywood and the motion picture industry.
  51. In the Mix: Celebrities Speak Out - Youth celebrities offer opinions on the issues facing today's teens.
  52. JoBlo's Movie Trailers - Great source of movie trailers and teasers.
  53. Jon's Movie Trailers - Alphabetical and frequently updated index.
  54. Jon's Movie Trailers - Direct links to recent movie trailers.
  55. La Page a Jerry - A bilingual site dedicated to celebrities from Quebec, Canada, others countries which reached the international, worldwide statute.
  56. Links to International Cinema Sites - Hand selected links related to international arthouse cinema.
  57. Live-E! - Extensive resource for fans of celebrities. Includes fan clubs, interviews, fun stuff, chat rooms, live web-casts, gossips, news, newsgroups, movies, celebrity links, events, entertainment and contests.
  58. Loews Trailer Park - Loews Cineplex Entertainment site featuring trailers in 3 sizes from upcoming movies.
  59. Maxd on Movies - Site contains the Cinema Sleuth. A databse of current and future films.
  60. - Source for information and articles about movie resources online.
  61. Miscellanium, The - A diverse concoction of biographies, freebies, chat, and more.
  62. Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive - With over a million images in our collection, MPTV has long been dedicated to the preservation, documentation and promotion of the fine work.
  63. Movie Dreamland - Celebrity site with information and links to over 600 actors, actresses, and directors.
  64. Movie Trailer Database - A database of both new and old movie trailers.
  65. MovieETA - Look up your favorite actor/actress or director and see when their next movie is coming out.
  66. MovieFinder - Source for movie information brought to you by E! Online.
  67. Movie-List - Regularly updated movie trailers page.
  68. Moviepooper! - Your movie spoiler database.
  69. Mr. Showbiz: Celebrities - A listing of celebrities with pictures, links and information.
  70. MSN Entertainment Channel Celebrity News - Celebrity news, gossip, feature stories, and interviews, plus a schedule of celebrity events on the Web.
  71. Netcenter Celebrities Channel - Links, news, profiles and stories from Entertainment Tonight Online.
  72. New Movie Trailers - New release movie trailers. [Shockwave Required]
  73. Not Of This Earth - A collection of vintage science fiction movie posters, plus some film-related magazine articles
  74. Oh Heavenly Tour - Visit the sites where Hollywood greats met their maker.
  75. Pete's Trailers - Trailers old and new.
  76. Phunbaba's Movie Trailers - Perfect for all your movie trailer downloading wants. Most comprehensive list of trailers around.
  77. PMP Network - RealAudio interviews from TV, Movie and Music. Photos of celebrities are available for download.
  78. Real Names - Pseudonyms of famous folk from media and history.
  79. - The premiere website and guide for finding film and video on-line, add your link now.
  80. Reel USA - Large database full of free movie trailers and movie scripts!
  81. - Coming attractions, movie soundtracks, celebrity spotlight, and weekly internet premieres.
  82. - Online trailers and reviews are provided.
  83. Screen Clips: Movie Trailers - Well put together movie preview service offering trailers and detailed information about currently showing, and soon to be released films. Also video releases available.
  84. Screen Trade Canada - Promoting and celebrating Canadian films, television shows and personalities. Includes magazine pages and a searchable database.
  85. Seattle Talks to Tara - Features in-depth interviews in streaming audio.
  86. Seeing Stars in Hollywood - An in-depth guide to Hollywood and its celebrities, with an emphasis on locations frequented by the stars.
  87. Seeing Stars Site Map - A complete index to all pages of the Seeing Stars website, with links.
  88. - Film and TV programs database for the entertainment and media industry.
  89. Skywalker's Directory - Directory of celebrity pictures and information.
  90. Source for movie related information - The Movie Guide includes Daily Movie News, Daily and Weekly Box Office Information, Theater and Video/DVD Release Dates, Casting Info a Poster Store and much more...
  91. Spotlights - Find all your Movies and Entertainment Studios at Spotlights.
  92. Spotlights - Celebrity addresses, birthdays and showbiz links.
  93. Star Indexes - A guide to where you can find your favorite stars in Hollywood.
  94. Star Wars Trailers and Clips - Includes clips from 1976 for the original Star Wars, and humorous clips such as TROOPS and Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure.
  95. Stars and Models - Yahoo Club specializing in stars and models.
  96. Surprising Ties - How celebrities and other famous people with different last names are related.
  97. The Celebrity Almanac - Contains over 300 celebrity profiles, birth and death dates, and original autographs and photos.
  98. The Celebrity Cafe - Interviews with actors, authors, supermodels, musicians, singers, and politicans.
  99. The Celebrity Portal - Alphabetical index containing facts about your favourite celebrities: birthday, location of birth, occcupation.
  100. The Celebrity Superstarship - A counter celebrity site: "who do YOU want to see sent into space?"
  101. The Fan Channel - Provides a free service to send fan letters to your favorite celebrities. You also receive a free photo.
  102. The Film 100 - A ranking of the 100 most influential people in the history of cinema
  103. The Lively Set - Devoted to news, reviews and special story features (often exclusives) on late 1950s and early 1960s celebrities, music, movies and tv.
  104. The Movie Sound Database - Audio clips from many recent films as well as classic titles.
  105. The Star Archive - Peruse an extensive database of up-to-date celebrity addresses, profiles, autographs and more. Browse an alphabetical archive, or use the search engine. New information is added daily.
  106. The Trailer Park - The Trailer Park is the largest online guide to movie previews, video clips, and film multimedia from upcoming, current, and classic films.
  107. The Tuesday Night Movie Club - Trailers
  108. - A free movie information site including reviews, news, celebrity bios and much more.
  109. Thespian Net - A starting point for celebrity info.
  110. Top 10 Females of the Late 70's - Vote for the top ten most attractive females born between 1975 and 1980. Submit your own contestants.
  111. Trailervision - Satirical trailers of movies that don't exist.
  112. Undying Celebrities - Photos, bios, and links to today's hottest stars.
  113. Unsung Heroes - Dedicated to unsung heroes of music and television. Artists celebrated include: Larry Grayson, Hylda Baker, the Surprise Sisters, Sparks, Fox, Noosha, Kenny Young, Noele Gordon, Kiki Dee, Justin Fashanu, Pat Phoenix. It is the web site of Kevin Orford.
  114. Women Celebrities - A free resource site concerning famous women on the web. Includes sites for hundreds of women, fan mails, birthdates, autographs, a mall, a forum, cyberpostcards, trivia.
  115. Wowworks Movie Guide - Everything from official movie web sites and Tinsletown related info to the latest news from Hollywood.
  116. - The free on-line magazine. Celebrity trivia, games, features, unusual celebrity facts, true-life stories and astrology.

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