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  1. AAA Computers
  2. Aardvark Desktop Publishing Service - offers computer services, books, movies, and gifts.
  3. Able Systems Development
  4. Ag-Tech Computers - suppliers and consultants in computer systems, printers and service all types of equipment.
  5. Aline Computers - offering quality computer hardware, software and books.
  6. Alltype Computer Solutions - maker of custom built systems and reseller of components, software, peripherals and accessories.
  7. Alpha Computers
  8. Amiga Technologies Australia - Offers repairs, mods and the latest Amiga software and hardware.
  9. Another World Computer Centre
  10. AuStar Technology - offers computer network design and installation, accessories, peripherals, software, and hardware.
  11. Austeknis - specialists in information systems technology, consultancy and systems integration.
  12. Austin Computers - offers computers, peripherals, modems, scanners, software, and more.
  13. Australian Information Processing Centre - customer relationship management systems solution provider. Distributer for Applix and Totalnet Software.
  14. BBD Computers - specializing in systems and components.
  15. Bestbuy Computers - online computers retailer with Australia-wide delivery.
  16. Beyond Computers - includes a guide to buying computer systems and links to manufacturers sites.
  17. Binary Logic - South Australian computer hardware, software & network suppliers. Manufacturers of BOLD computers.
  18. Biyit Direct
  19. Blitz Computer Warehouse - offers also local internet access.
  20. Bootstrap Computer Laboratories
  21. Bytes 'N Games - specialises in the home and small business software and hardware for PC's.
  22. Centari Systems - Hewlett-Packard specialist dealer.
  23. Chips and Bits Australia - one of the premier distributors of computer hardware and software to the Australian market.
  24. Clancy's Office Technology Services - offering consulting, training, design, printing and finishing services.
  25. CoastMac Computers - AppleCentre offering hardware, software, used products, and servicing.
  26. Computer Confusion - systems upgrades, hardware and software.
  27. Computer Discounts OnLine - order online or by phone.
  28. Computer Engineers, The - Compaq resellers specialising in Novell and NT Networks in the hospitality industry. S-E Asian and Pacific distributors for Tobit FaxWare for Novell Networks.
  29. Computer Fairs Australia - organizes and stages regular trade shows. Includes schedule, newsletter, and locations.
  30. Computer Market Online (Australia) - Australian-wide mail order specialists offering free daily news and information.
  31. Computer Sales & Leasing
  32. Computer Way Pty Ltd. - Selling IBM compatible computers, hardware, software and communications products, educational packages and multimedia equipment.
  33. Concorde Computers - sells systems and hardware in the Brisbane area and throughout the country.
  34. Context Peripheral Equipment - manufacture computers to peoples individual needs, service and supply specialized Internet products.
  35. Corporate Information Systems
  36. Cougar Computers - discount suppliers of hardware, software and computer systems.
  37. Data Fast Computers - manufactured in Australia.
  38. David Porter & Associates Pty Ltd
  39. Dex Computing - provider of computing services and equipment in the Southern Gold Coast & Tweed region. New computers, upgrades, repairs, internet services, and more.
  40. Dick Smith Electronics
  41. Digital Computer Products (DCP)
  42. Digital Concept Computers Pty. Ltd. - small business systems, hardware, software and networks.
  43. E & S Computer Services - on-site computer services, networks, systems, internet Windows, Windows NT, Back Office and Novell.
  44. E.R.T.Sims - new and used hardware, software, and supplies. Also offers a purchasing service which provides multiple price quotes for requested products.
  45. Fractal Vision
  46. Games Wizards
  47. Gleneagles Computer Connections - hardware and software dealer with online ordering, ships Australia-wide.
  48. GMT Computer Sales and Services
  49. GWL Computers
  50. Harris Technology - browse the catalogue of hardware, software and peripherals, order online and they'll deliver Australia-wide.
  51. Harvey Norman - computer and electrical appliance retailer.
  52. Headlam Computers & Software
  53. Hi-Tech Computers
  54. Impel Computers
  55. Intelligent Systems Australia Pty Ltd - industrial computers, industrial monitors, sealed keyboards, single board computers, and embedded controllers.
  56. Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries - specializes in meeting your industrial computer and data acquisition and analysis requirements.
  57. Mainway Systems
  58. MCT Computers - personal computers hardware and software vendor.
  59. Micro-Pro Computer Systems - notebooks and desktop computers, specializing in systems for universities, corporations, and government departments.
  60. Microscene Computer Services - supplying computer solutions to the Geelong and regional market.
  61. MicroSystems - computer retailers.
  62. Missing Title
  63. Mission Pacific Pty Ltd. - offers hardware, software, peripherals, website development and hosting, and online auctions of equipment.
  64. Nepean Micro Computers - computer hardware, software and peripherals. Complete systems, maintenance and repairs.
  65. Nucleus Electronics - retailers of computers and peripherals.
  66. Office Productivity Centre
  67. - online information technology superstore.
  68. Oztec Computer Pty Ltd - offers hardware, software, and accessories for Macs and PCs.
  69. Pacstar the Computer Doctor - computer sales and service, including Internet, networking, hardware, software and more.
  70. Pioneer Computers Australia - distributor of components and peripherals, and manufacturer of Pioneer PC and Notebook.
  71. Plug & Play Computers - one stop shop for all computer hardware, software and accessories.
  72. Pro-Tek Computers - hardware, software, upgrades, sales & service.
  73. Programmer's Paradise - offers a range of hardware and software, including CD, DVD, and disk drives, enclosures, cables, input devices, modems, monitors, and printers.
  74. Softwire
  75. Story Bridge Creations Pty Ltd - specialises in hardware and software for artists, including Wacom graphic tablets, Fractal Design software and Corel software.
  76. Tang Computers Pty. Ltd. - sales, service, support and distribution.
  77. TecMaster Pty Ltd - networking hardware retailer.
  78. Thames Group - suppliers of personal computers and network systems within Western Australia. Featuring SCO Unix, Novell, Acer, and Windows NT.
  79. - modems, speakers, printers and more.
  80. Trojan Computers - importers & wholesalers of computer hardware, accessories and software.
  81. Unetix Pty. Ltd. - networking equipment suppliers and consultants.
  82. Von Corporation Pty Ltd - supplies computer hardware/software and specialises in memory upgrades to small business, government and corporate Australia. Lists 50 manufacturers products with prices.
  83. Voodoo Computer & Design - on-line shop for hardware, software, books and computer systems. Delivery Australia wide.
  84. Webster Computer Systems - manufacturer and wholesaler offering a range of hardware and network products.
  85. Wholesale Direct - computers, components, and accessories.
  86. Your Computer Shop

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