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  • British Chess Federation (BCF) - governing body for chess in the UK, which is responsible for fostering chess played in clubs, schools, and competitions held throughout the country.
  • Extreme Championship Chess - includes ECC news, events, polls, and profiles on all your favorite stars.

iMahal suggests:

  1. Chathurangam - Chaturangam is a website launched by Chennaionline for the chess lovers in India.
  2. Chess Central - for tournament players and organisers. Includes coaching tips, junior chess, downloads and an Australian tournament calendar.
  3. Chess Dominion - chess is a sea in which a mosquito can bathe and an elephant can drown.
  4. Chess is Fun - a comprehensive chess tutorial, with great games, openings, tactics, endgames, and an introduction to chess strategy.
  5. Chess Mailing List
  6. Chess Show - a wacky Portland, OR cable access chow about chess.
  7. Chess Utrecht - a True Type font for making chess diagrams.
  8. CleverChess - Shockwave-based game that allows you to play over the Web in real-time.
  9. Computer Chess Programming - includes references to books, research papers, and chess program sources.
  10. Important Events and Names in Chess - The game of chess is thought to have originated in what is now northern India or Afghanistan sometime before 1OO AD: the oldest chess pieces date from then.
  11. India Chess Rankings - Includes Viswanathan Anand, Dibyendu Baruag, Praveen M Thipsaym Devaki Prasad, Ponnuswamy Konguvel and more
  12. Kasparov Chess - provides chat, message boards, interactive events, chess information.
  13. Mecca, La - chess encyclopedia.
  14. Play Chess Against tkChess - yet another chess computer on the Web.
  15. Rules of Chess
  16. Shatranj Chess - Virtual chess coach United States Chess Federation Vishwanathan Anand -Anatoly Karpov, selected games
  17. Sketches of Chess - RealAudio snippet of an opera based on a 1987 chess game between Ljubomir Ljubojevic and Gary Kasparov.
  18. U.S. Chess Center - home of the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame and many scholastic activities.
  19. Vishwanathan Anand - A profile of the Indian Chess Grandmaster
  20. Yobes Chess Search Engine

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