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iMahal choice:

  • Introduction to Sikhism
  • Sikhism - the name is Love and Sacrifice - Sikhism as preached, practised and lived by Sikh Gurus themselves. Contains Quotations, Divine Wisdom, Selective Life Samples from Lives of Sikh Gurus. Also includes Video and Audio.
  • Sikhnet - Cybercommunity for Sikhs around the world. Explores the history and evolution of Sikhism and its culture. Offers gurbani audio clips, live events, news, discussions, matrimonials, chat, job advertisements, online shopping, and information on a host of subjects relevant to Sikhs. Includes a beautiful feature, with photographs, on the Golden Temple.

iMahal suggests:

  1. Atam Marg
  2. Akhand Keertanee Jathaa - Information on upcoming Gurdara programs, an area to discuss various Sikhee related topics, audio and video files of various Keertan programs, and articles and books on Sikhee.
  3. Baisakhi 1999 - Creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a Divine Volcano of An Age - a soul-stirring Tribute, including Audio Discourses, on the Tercentennary Baisakhi
  4. Baisakhi 1999 - The Tercentennial Celebration - History of Baisakhi and listing of events happening around the world. Includes a photo/video journal of a yatra to Anandpur Sahib.
  5. - Site, created by Sukhbir Singh Osan, deals with the situation in East Punjab. Contains news & views, political scenario, human rights values and holocaust of Sikhs.
  6. Cyber Sikh - Learn about Sikhism - also includes a picture gallery.
  7. First Basics of Sikhism by a Scientist - A Sikh is a student of spiritual knowledge and unless he is of discerning intellect capable of pondering over the theological issues and making critical criticism, he is not the person with an awakened mind.
  8. Fort: Panth Khalsa - Information about famous Sikhs, the Sikh Code of conduct, and articles relating to the Panth.
  9. Free Email Service For Sikhs - Service allowing you to get a web based e-mail account at at the domain and
  10. Guru Nanak Dev's Japji Sahib - A source of Self Realization - Japji Sahib, is the first book of the holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib.
  11. Gobind Sadan
  12. Hathisoft - Sikhism related resources, Khanda screensaver, graphics art, and punjabi resources.
  13. History of the Sikhs
  14. Inner Light and Sound Meditation - Sant Thakar Singh
  15. Introduction to Sikhism - Sikhism is a monotheistic faith. It recognizes God as the only One. He who is not subject to time or space.
  16. Khalistan - New Global Reality - Sikh Nation cyber-site, projecting the vision of the future for The Khalsa Panth into the next millenium. Daily news from Khalistan and other political info, as well as history and information on Sikhs, such as Sikh leadership, scholarship, and martyrs.
  17. Maharajah Duleep Singh Centenary Trust - Historical information about Maharajah Duleep Singh. Listing his life story, family tree and an archive of images.
  18. Reflections On Gurbani - Dedicated to the analysis, study and understanding of Gurbani. Extensive articles on Gurbani and downloadable Gurbani music.
  19. Sikh Awareness - Brief overview of basic principles of Sikhism and some more detailed articles.
  20. Sikh Chamber - Dedicated to promoting the Sikh Community and sikh businesses through the internet.
  21. Sikh Foundation - Founded in 1967 to promote the heritage and future of Sikhism. It is a non-profit and non-political charitable organization. Good resource for Sikh art and educational books.
  22. Sikh Matrimonials - A service for Sikhs who are looking for a marriage partner, and who want to do so in the spiritual context of the Sikhism faith.
  23. Sikh Religion - Online book of 14 chapters, created by the Sikh Missionary Center of Phoenix, Arizona, with bibliography.
  24. Sikh-Faith Question Answer And Philosophy - The way of religion, as shown by Sikhism, is not a set of views or doctrines, but a way of life lived according to a definite model.
  25. - Biographies of Sikh Gurus, Great Sikh Warriors, Sikh martyrs, modern Sikh personalities and information about Sikh Institutes and Gurdwaras.
  26. Sikhism Home Page - Sandeep Singh Brar's view on the philosophy, development and way of life of Sikhism. Also included is information on scriptures, audio prayers, glossary of terms, alphabets, etc.
  27. Sikh-Seek Sikhism Web Directory - A "Yahoo" like directory of Sikh related web sites. Comprehensive listings of most Sikh web sites on the internet. This is your place to find anything related to Sikhism.
  28. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Youth Wing
  29. Sikhism Home Page
  30. Sikhism - Resources on the Web
  31. Sikhnet - Community, Sikhism, Directory, Bazaar
  32. The Life & Times Of Guru Nanak
  33. Takhat Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib - Photos and historical information on the holy shrines (Gurdwaras)in Nanded
  34. Warrior Saints - A Pictorial History of the Sikh Martial Tradition.

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