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  1. Avesta - Zoroastrian Archives - Excellent site to the ancient Zoroastrian texts.
  2. Information
  3. Images farom the Jews of Cochin
  4. Indo-Judaic Studies Journal
  5. Jews of Cochin
  6. Jews of Kerala
  7. Jewish Communities Of The World
  8. Khwarshed Niyayesh: Scriptures
  9. Let's Go to India - encounter with the Telugu Jews
  10. Stanford University Zoroastrian Group
  11. THE PARSEE: Godís Faithfulness to a Thousand Generations - Parsee Influences in the World and India.
  12. Tenets of Zoroastrianism - Great pages on the religion as well as articles.
  13. The worldwide Zoroastrian community centre. - The single most significant "service" centre on the Internet for the Zoroastrian and Parsi community. Nominated for "Best of Planet" People's Choice Awards 1998. Selected by Pilot-Search as definitive site for literary searches on Zoroastrianism.
  14. Vendidad: Scriptures
  15. Zarathushtra - Dedicated to the Spiritual Philosophy of Zarathushtra and Zoroastrianism. Includes the first Zoroastrian Cyber-Temple.
  16. Zoroastrianism Organizations

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