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  1. Digambar Jain Matrimonial - marriages and traditions
  2. Essence of Jainism - For an ANALYTICAL description of, the nature of unhappiness, its causes (believing self to be non-self, e.g. body, passions, etc.), identification of solution (understanding difference between self and non-self)followed by method of application of solution - visit this well organised (and constantly expanding) treasure-chest of original Jain literature translated into various modern languages. This reference library (of literature such as Samaysaar, Moksh Marg Prakashak, Chha Dhala, Principles of Jainism, etc.) has been structured to aid navigation for beginners as well as people more familiar with Jainism.
  3. Essence of Jainism - aims to provide Jliterature and translations into todays language.
  4. Human Rights & Religious Freedom - Jainism, a recognized religion in India, and one that is normally included in the list of (usually eleven) great religions.
  5. Jain Dharma
  6. Jain Festivals
  7. Jain Study Circle - Quotations from scriptures: Our readers are encouraged to study the following quotations and understand the ever-increasing gap between the fundamentals of Jainism and our religious practices.
  8. Jain Temples in the U.S. - Each U.S. state is listed, along with the Jain temples in the state (if any).
  9. Jaindarshan - Our aim is to provide basic and detailed information about Jainism, its philosophy etc. in easy to use interface. Please bookmark this site and come back again, we will update this site frequently for newer contents..
  10. Jainfriends - includes philosophy and information on the Jain community.
  11. Jainism - A Comprehensive Resource at Jain Net - Jainism is one of world's oldest religion. Based on non violence or Ahimsa as preached by Mahavira / Mahaveer. Meditation and Yoga are inherent to Jain beliefs and teachings.
  12. Jainism Links
  13. Jainism Simplified - Jain concepts explained in a easy to read question-answer format.
  14. Jainworld - This web site combines the aspirations of JAINS around the globe and is being positioned to link various aspects of our lives like - religious, social, philosophical, cultural etc. cutting across all barriers.
  15. Jina and the Soul - Jainism begins with a serious concern for the human soul in its relationship with the laws governing existence in the universe,with other living beings, and to its own future state in eternity.
  16. Jaina - links to Jain sites
  17. Jai Jinendra
  18. Jainworld
  19. Principles, Sources, Images, History
  20. Sadhu Vaswani Mission

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