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iMahal choice:

  • Femina - A popular women's magazine from the Times of India Group.
  • Frontline - News magazine from the publishers of The Hindu.
  • India Today Online - Includes magazines India Today, India Today Plus, Business Today, News Today, Computers Today, Teens Today, Music Today and Art Today.

iMahal suggests:

  1. Aaraam Thinai - Tamil e-zine.
  2. Ananda Vikatan - Popular Tamil magazine.
  3. Aniketana - Journal of Kannada language and literature.
  4. Art India - Art news magazine. Listing of art events to be held for the next three months, retrospective, art workshops and more.
  5. Astrology Magazine - Astrological Magazine from Bangalore.
  6. Bangalore Weekly
  7. Bangalore Weekly - News from and about Bangalore.
  8. Bharat-Darshan, Hindi literary magazine - Bharat-Darshan is a Hindi literary magazine from New Zealand which became world's first Indian Audio Magazine on the net. Earlier it was world's first Hindi magazine on the net. Site is ok, though jarring on the nerves.
  9. Boulevard India - Lifestyles magazine.
  10. Business Standard Motoring - Coverage of Indian cars and their manufacturers, classifieds, vehicle comparisons, motoring awards, etc.
  11. ChessMate - ChessMate is an online mag for the game of Chess. Contains news, puzzles, lessons and information on books, tournaments etc.
  12. CHIP India - Computing magazine.
  13. Chips - View from Chennai - Chennai (Madras) is the focus of this site. Lots of content.
  14. CineBlitz Online - Film magazine
  15. Cinema Express - Bi-monthly Tamil magazine about Tamil movies. Interviews with stars, reviews, industry news.
  16. Computers Today - Information Technology and computers related monthly magazine from the India Today group
  17. Computers@Home - Family-friendly technology and home computing magazine featuring multimedia reviews, product reviews, technology features, tutorials and articles on computing.
  18. Connect Magazine - Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine
  19. Darpan - A literary magazine devoted to reflections on India, published by students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  20. Desh-Videsh - Magazine of Indians living in the USA.
  21. domain-B - Online Indian business news magazine - domain-B is for managers and professionals. It is also backed by a business database - Informachine.
  22. Down To Earth - Science and Environment Fortnightly by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).
  23. ee maaTa - Telugu literary magazine
  24. Eh Din - Punjabi monthly current news-magazine in English/Gurmukhi covering contemporary South Asian affairs (language, literature, cultural and political issues). UK based site. Requires downloadable fonts.
  25. Electronics For You (EFY) Magazine - Popular magazine covering the Indian electronics industry. Also targets electronics hobbyists and provides a number of free circuits for various electronics projects.
  26. - Indian entertainment, films, music, concerts. Great news, interviews and reviews.
  27. Ever Changing Universe - Monthly astrological magazine.
  28. Express Computer - Weekly magazine by the Indian Express group.
  29. Express Star Teller - This monthly Vedic astrology magazine offers personalized Vedic astrology readings, including remedies for personal, marital, health and other problems, yearly horoscopes and articles on Vedic astrology.
  30. Fresh Lime Soda - An online magazine that aims to giving youth (in India and around the world) a voice. We accept short story, poetry, features, art and photography submissions.
  31. Gladrags - India's leading lifestyle fashion bimonthly magazine covering fashion, modelling in India, modelling contests and more.
  32. - Golfing news and information from India.
  33. Health Time - Monthly health magazine in Tamil.
  34. India Star - Monthly magazine of general interest articles, poetry and book/film reviews.
  35. Indian Bride & Home
  36. Indian Media Review - E-Magazine covering Indian media related news and issues.
  37. IndiaOneStop.Com - Provides business news and information aimed at enhancing business-to-business relationships between Indian and the World.
  38. IndiaStar Review of Books - This site features book reviews, articles, short fiction, poems, and publishers' press releases.
  39. Islamic Voice - Islamic monthly paper.
  40. JaaL - JaaL is a desi satire eZine. JaaL provides a wealth of parody about Indian politics, society, sports, business, et al. This website stands out for its visual strength. Special are the main item and the hate-mail.
  41. JAM - Just Another Magazine - Fortnightly youth magazine.
  42. Jawan India - Online youth magazine.
  43. Kamat's Potpourri
  44. Kerala Focus: Kerala's Internet Magazine - Kerala Focus is a compendium of individual exclusive magazines focusing on Kerala with information on health, business, travel, tourism, politics, movies etc.
  45. Kerala Today - Malayalam News magazine. Requires the Janarajani font.
  46. Keralasabdam - Indian film magazines, Malayalam movie magazines, periodicals, literary, astrological, women's, fashion, children's and political magazines
  47. Manamalai - Tamil magazine devoted to matrimony and astrology.
  48. Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan - Web-site of magazine devoted to Tantra.
  49. Manushi - This magazine analyses Indian political, economic and social issues from a people-oriented perspective.
  50. Meghdutam - Monthly literary magazine, journal on the internet featuring short stories, poems, anecdotes, humour, travelogue, children's section, epics and Puranas, folk tales, legends, mythologies, preview of books, literary news and events, tips to new writers, authors, literary quiz.
  51. Muslim India Journal - Monthly journal of research and documentation on interface of Muslim Indians with Indian politics and the global economy.
  52. Organiser - Weekly magazine of the RSS
  53. Outlook - Outlook, India's most exciting weekly newsmagazine, was launched in October '95. In just two years the magazine has established for itself a premium position among discerning readers.
  54. Parabaas - Bengali Internet magazine.
  55. PC Quest - Covers the personal computer (PC) arena.
  56. RagaNet - Focus on the Music and Fine Arts of India
  57. Sangat - Monthly journal of Culture, Politics, Poetry and Fiction on the World Wide Web.
  58. Silicon India - Published in the US, this magazine caters to Asian Indian technical professionals.
  59. Stardust - All the news, gossip, and masti of the print magazine, plus lots more!
  60. Sun - Youth magazine.
  61. Sword of Truth - Self-awareness magazine.
  62. Tamil Online - Monthly Tamil magazine. Politics, movie news, poetry.
  63. Tamil Tribune - Monthly English magazine. Articles relating to current events, political analysis and culture of Tamil people in India, Sri Lanka and around the world.
  64. The Competition Master - General knowledge monthly in English for competitive examinations in India (civil services, defence srvices, IIT entrance, medical services, etc.)
  65. The Gem & Jewellery Magazine of India
  66. The International Indian - "The Magazine for Indians Who Think International"
  67. The Sportstar - Sports magazine from the publishers of The Hindu
  68. The Week - Weekly English magazine. Articles on current events, business and entertainment in India.
  69. Thinnai - Tamil language webzine. Uses dynamic fonts. Stories, poems, cooking and other sections.
  70. Times Computing - Online presence of "Times Computing" -- a weekly info-tech magazine from the Times of India group.
  71. Voyage India - Online version of the travel magazine from India that covers tourism and travel.
  72. Yoga Journal
  73. Zarposh - An exotic fashion and lifestyle magazine that embraces the rich cultural heritage of South Asia in America.

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