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  1. 4Fairytales - Visit the land of imagination and fantasy! Peter Rabbit, the Princess and the Pea, Goldilocks and more are waiting for you!
  2. A Cartoon Notebook - Original cartoons, animations, illustrations, bedtime stories and limericks.
  3. A Pocketful of Rhymes - A huge collection of original, very funny rhyming stories and poems for kids that promote self-esteem and individuality.
  4. A Rocky Mountain Fairy Tale - An illustrated online book for children of all ages, about protecting the environment.
  5. Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By - Fairy tales, folk tales and other great children's stories, courtesy of Whootie Owl.
  6. Adventures of Banph - The adventures of Banph, the noble ant knight.
  7. Adventures of Shakey Snake - The online adventures of a friendly rattlesnake.
  8. Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island - A shipwrecked bunny is taken to Easter Island, and with the help of island creatures, becomes the Easter Bunny.
  9. Allsorts Cyber Club - Online stories for children, and stories written by children.
  10. Amazing Adventure Series - This site is filled with original, illustrated stories. Read-along in RealAudio.
  11. Amazing Fantasy Adventures of Meagan and Kate - A science fiction story for older children, mixing actors and computer generated graphics.
  12. Animals Myths & Legends - Tales of animal myths and legends. Read stories, solve puzzles, play games, meet a dragon and help save a world.
  13. Animaniacs - Wakko's Wish - Official site for the new Warner Bros release featuring Yakko, Wakko and Dot (and Pinky and the Brain too) with pictures, interactive games, video ordering information and other fun features.
  14. Ant Bee's Stories - Free, complete children's stories with fun illustrations.
  15. Anthony's Collectibles - Large selections of comic book art. Follow links to your favorite artist or character to view. Winner of the Comic Buyers Guide award.
  16. Beauty and the Beast - Various European resources and versions.
  17. Beauty and the Beast - A site detailing the on-line resources related to the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.
  18. Bedtime Stories for Kids - Free Golden Books bedtime stories updated daily so you can print and read with your child.
  19. - Children's bedtime stories, prayers and soothing music.
  20. Bedtime-Story - The criteria for a tale's inclusion on the Bedtime-Story site, is that the story must be as pleasant for an adult to read, as it is for a child to hear. Recommended age group is 6 and up.
  21. Belvedere Comics - Cartoon fun featuring Belvedere, a cartoon dog who has been appearing in newspapers for over 30 years. Features a comic book. coloring pages, and how to draw Belvedere.
  22. Bibliography of George MacDonald - A listing of published works including the first British and American editions.
  23. Candlelight Stories - Candlelight Stories offers downloadable illustrated stories, online writing, and pen pals. You can also review your favorite books and games, and learn how animated movies are made.
  24. Cartoons For Kids - By cartoonist Dale Hale, former assistant to Charles (PEANUTS) Schulz. They're clean and for both kids and adults who still think like kids.
  25. Charles Jordan Illustrator - See how an illustrator works and see samples of his illustrations through a step by step illustrating demonstration.
  26. Chi Chi In Cyberspace - Educational children's site based on the book ,"Chi Chi In Cyberspace". Have fun exploring a story about Chihuahua puppies who email each other. Free kids art.
  27. Children's Reading Room - From The Museum of Unnatural History, a collection of stories about Bunny and his friends. For children 3-8.
  28. Children's Storybooks Online - Stories for children of all ages, pre-school through young adult.
  29. Christian Children's Corner - Online lessons and bible stories for young children. Frem Antelope Publishing.
  30. Chunky Monkey Fan Club - The original Chunky Monkey stories and characters.
  31. Colors for Africa - Colors for Africa is a children's book teaching African culture and appreciation for the colors in the world.
  32. Cool Dog Teddy's Wondrous Adventures - Home of the Cool Dog Teddy adventure stories for children.
  33. Creative Notions - A monthly story for kids 3 to 12.
  34. Cringer's He-man Page - Your source for Character Info, pictures, sounds and video clips.
  35. Deere & Company - Online adventures of Johnny Tractor and his friends, from John Deere Tractors.
  36. Diamond's Site - Original cat stories as told to Diamond the cat.
  37. Disney Stories - Discover the magic of Disney's Read-A-Story site. Read your favorite Disney story online.
  38. DreamBox StoryBox - Two stories with color illustrations, about bears.
  39. Duck Pond - The adventures of little Rosa Duck.
  40. Editec Children's Books - Beautifully illustrated, online children's books, for free. Includes a huge selection of classic childrens stories, rhymes, and fables.
  41. Fablevision Place - Visit the Fable Library for online stories and tune in to Fable Radio to hear stories online.
  42. Fairy Tale Cache. - A fairy tale with music.
  43. Fairy Tales - University of Maryland - Index of tales
  44. Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution - A modern examination of the origins and evolution of the most popular fairy tales.
  45. Farmhouse Fables - Original, online, short storybooks for young children by Jan Luthman.
  46. Felix Mayerhofer's Stories - A collection of stories for children, featuring several different characters.
  47. French Fairy Tales Project - multitude of resources including: online texts, articles, origins, themes and influences.
  48. French Fairy Tales - Course web page from Wesleyan University. Major readings, resources, and forum.
  49. Funhouse Books - Four online books from Trevor Todd, including Fairy Strike and Knee Deep.
  50. Garfield and Friends - The official web site for the cool fat cat with games, fan club, e-cards, online catalog and more.
  51. George MacDonald Email List - Subscribe to an email list devoted to the life and work of George MacDonald.
  52. George MacDonald Society - Membership information and application, resources, publications, email list and news.
  53. George MacDonald - Short article on the man's life and works, plus related links.
  54. Golden Books Play Area - Golden Books, the nations leading publisher of children's books, offers interactive stories, kid's clubs, games, riddles and puzzles.
  55. Gopher directory at of Fairy Tales and Fables - E-texts of fairy tales and fables, concentrating on the Brothers Grimm, Arabian Nights, H.C. Andersen
  56. Grandmommy's Magic - A short story about a young boy and his newfound friend.
  57. Library - An online library of great stories for kids, animated, and narrated by celebrities.
  58. Hope of the Gospel - An e-text copy of the first edition, containing several sermons.
  59. Jack and the Beanstalk/Jack the Giant-Killer Project - University of Southern Mississippi, origins, archives, images, and versions.
  60. John and El's Bear Time - Two little teddy bears, John and El, star in their own adventures. Featuring stories, songs and art.
  61. Josie Has a Secret - A full-length novel about a strong-minded young lady, who stays with her magician grandmother while her parents vacation in Europe.
  62. Just For Kids Who Love Books - Find out about your favorite authors, titles, and favorite series. Read reviews, or write your own book review.
  63. Kamran and Mapa's First Travel Book - Adventures of a traveling kangaroo and elephant and how they learn about wisdom, truth and love.
  64. Katie Did and the Neon Peach - Illustrated rhyming stories for kids o>
  65. Katie Did and the Neon Peach - Katie Did presents her collection of original, illustrated, rhyming children's stories for kids of all ages.
  66. Keith's Tintin Page - His adventures and all of their characters are described in detail, and a substantial section on their author, Hergé.
  67. Kid Authors - A place to post your stories, poems, and puzzles and read other kids' stories.
  68. Kid Comics Club - A free humour ezine for kids. Full of online comics created for this site, games, free gifts, and brainteasers.
  69. Kid Comics - Online comics, games, free gifts and brainteasers.
  70. KidPub - 30,000 online stories written for kids by kids.
  71. Kids Fun World - Animated kids poems and stories in English and Hindi.
  72. Kid's Window Library - Two Japanense stories available in Japanese or English.
  73. KidsBookshelf - Encourages creativity and imagination in children through reading, writing, and drawing by offering monthly contests and drawings for prizes. Also has children's book reviews.
  74. - Meet Booker T. Worm and friends while you find out all about books. Bookworm is a book site prepared for kids 6-12. Meet authors, get book reviews, get the free newsletter, or join the reading club.
  75. KidStory - Kids writing for kids on the Internet. Read what children are writing about this month.
  76. - An art site created to have fun, create and explore, artist interviews, craft projects, parents news, online galery and cartoons.
  77. Koala Trouble - The adventures of Max, the baby koala.
  78. Legends - Fairy Tales - Classic Tales, Into the Woods, and Selchies origin and resources.
  79. Lil' Fingers - Online storybooks for ages 1 1/2 and up.
  80. Little Critter Stories, Jokes, Puzzles and Games for Kids. - Stories and fun for kids. From childrens author and illustrator, Mercer Mayer. Jokes, puzzles and games for kids.
  81. Little Red Riding Hood Project: - University of Southern Mississippi, origins, archives, images, and versions.
  82. Lunaland Online - An online storybook for kids based on the adventures of Katie, and her pet pony Astra, in the magical kingdom of Lunaland.
  83. MacDonald Galleria - Online photos of the author, his wife and neighborhood.
  84. Magic Pumpkin - A children's story about the adventures of a magic pumpkin named Jack at Halloween.
  85. Magic Shadow Shapes - A musical journey for children of all ages. Poetry, songs, games, dragons and dinosaurs, fairies, and elves.
  86. Mara and Galadriel: MacDonald's and Tolkien's Vehicles for Spiritual Truth - Article compares Tolkien's and MacDonald's methods for communicating spiritual truths.
  87. Marianne's Story Web - Feature story is Zaroff's Revenge.
  88. Mark Twain and George MacDonald - Article describing the connection and relationship between the two men.
  89. Marvels & Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies - Extensive collection of Internet links to mainly serious study sites on Fairy-Tale studies
  90. Meghan's Fairy Tale Page - A very nice collection of online fairy tales.
  91. Merpy's World - Each month a new animated, interactive and musical adventure is featured with Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, and their friends.
  92. Mike Rofone -The Roving Reporter - Click on the picture of Mike and his friends and read Mike's adventures as a reporter.
  93. Monster Tale - Can you make friends with the monsters under the bed? Hilarious story of how one little boy did.
  94. Moonlit Road - Spooky tales for older kids from American South storytellers.
  95. Moose Stories - Stories about moose encounters from school children in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  96. New Stories 4 Kids - Online kid's stories to read and print out.
  97. Oegyreva's Bedtime Stories - Entertaining, humorous, sometimes scary bedtime stories with a sprinkle of southern seasoning and centered around fictional denizens of the South Alabama Highnote Community.
  98. Ongoing Tales From the Past - "Old time stories, fairytales, poems and more to new life with electronic enhancement."
  99. Painted Horse Stories - Three illustrated stories; Cry Me A River, Taylor Rabbit, and My Monsta.
  100. Princess Sleepyhead - Illustrated by lovely photos, this story is about Princess Sleepyhead, and her search for the perfect bed.
  101. Read a Story - Read the first story: Picnic On A Cloud, then vote for the next story you'd like to see finished.
  102. Realist Wonder Society Fables - Fables and lovely illustrations for children of all ages.
  103. Red Boots for Christmas - Online childrens Christmas story. Read along with the electronic storybook or view pictures of the characters.
  104. Romeo the Dorrigo Glow Worm - Follow Romeo's musical adventure with his friends of the Australian bush. Kids music, children story and sing songs.
  105. Room 108 Stories - A large collection of stories for kids. The story books have animation and sound.
  106. Rootbears - Weekly childrens stories.
  107. She-ra - Your source for character info, pictures, sounds, video clips, and much much more.
  108. Shilo - The illustrated story of a girl's quest for magic. From Pocketbuddies.
  109. Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids - Features comic archive, contests and how to draw cartoons.
  110. Small Stories for Little People - Six cute stories for young readers.
  111. Smurfs Live On - Meet the main characters and follow the links to other Smurfs' pages.
  112. - For kids and grown-ups... Official site with all the info and fun, from the most popular beagle!
  113. Sources for the Analysis and Interpretation of Folk and Fairy Tales - Extensive list of online articles.
  114. Spider Man's Adventures - Provides a range of activities for educators, parents, and learning partners to do with children from kindergarten through sixth grade. From the United States Department of Education.
  115. Stories for Children - Stories written mainly by kids for kids with music, effects and graphics for illustration.
  116. Stories From The Web - Read stories, learn about the authors, and write your own stories.
  117. Stories of the Feri Folk - Fairy and folk tales from around the world, with a focus on Norway. Includes some modern day fairy stories as well.
  118. Storm Xpress - The fanbase site dedicate to the Marvel windrider, Storm - the weather godess.
  119. Story Bear - Two online stories for young children. From Little Animals Activity Centre.
  120. Story Hour - Online stories for kids from The Internet Public Library.
  121. Story Place - Six complete online novels for children.
  122. Storybook Online - Short stories and novels for children, a multimedia reading community for children and parents. Children can read, hear and see stories before them. Stories are available for many levels of readers.
  123. Storybook Park - In Planet Zoom's Storybook Park, you can read stories written by people all over the world.
  124. - Stories and writing activities for children ages 3 - 15 by Stuart Baum. Reading lists and writing contests included.
  125. Sunshine Duck Stories - Educational stories for children featuring Sunshine Duck.
  126. SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages - A page full of annotated fairy tales and other fairy tale studies and information.
  127. Tailey Whaley - A whale of a tale about friendship, tolerance, and being different.
  128. Tales of George MacDonald - Information on his life and works plus links to online resources.
  129. Tanglerock's Online Books For Kids - Interactive, online stories for kids. The first story features Bunbun, the bunny.
  130. Tate's Advent Calender - About the adventures of Tate the cat, and his owner Pete. Every day in December, a new page is added to the story. You may also read the stories from 1997 and 1998.
  131. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - With online comic strip, art contests and character profiles .
  132. Tell Me A Story - Childrens short stories with graphics and midi music.
  133. Tetramedia's StoryBooks - A fun collection of illustrated, online stories for children of all ages including Silly Stories, Becky & Beans, and The Ecology Kids.
  134. The Adventures of Sydney - An interactive story about Sydney, a young girl in search of her lost cat.
  135. The Childlike in George MacDonald and C. S. Lewis - Article comparing the writing styles of the two men.
  136. The Cosmic Odyssey - A forum to share enthusiasm and admiration to comics and original art. Covers a wide variety of vintage heroes and provides links to many more.
  137. The Golden Key: George MacDonald  
  138. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Online version of the Washington Irving story, includes color illustrations.
  139. The Li'L Dudes - Interactive 3D animation TV show, featuring multi-player video games, 3D comics, toys and music.
  140. The Marvel Zone - Online fan fun featuring Spider-Man, the legendary X-Man and the rest of the Marvel Universe from the world's leading comic book publisher.
  141. The Metropolis - Home of Superman. Find info on Superman himself, his family, history and artists behind the hero.
  142. The Operation Extermination - Join nitwit Vinny and his Uncle Guy on their adventures into the bug world.
  143. The Pink Frog - An original story about a baby frog who's not the color he's expected to be.
  144. The Read In! - A one-day-a-year Internet event that helps hundreds of thousands of children around the world talk to famous authors and with each other.
  145. The Realm Of Books & Dreams - A family oriented site to promote children's literacy through online fables, fairy tales, and stories.
  146. The Scottish Libraries Across the Internet: George MacDonald - Biography plus searchable index of electronic texts, biographies, literary criticism, and societies.
  147. The Strange Mr. Free - An eccentric time traveller takes two boys to the past for groovy adventures.
  148. The Symphony of Friendship - An illustrated story about how two enemies become friends through music.
  149. The Three Little Stars - An online children's book about the bond between sisters.
  150. The Timbuktoad Storyworld - Explore The Lost Diaries, Time of Legends and the Story Theatre. Read The Road Through Timbuktoad.
  151. The Troll Under the Mountain - A story about a young girl, her magical cat and the meanest troll in Denmark.
  152. The Victorian Web - Discusses the author's history, works, religion, use of imagery, themes and bibliography.
  153. Tippity Witchet's Beantime Stories - Fun online stories for young children.
  154. Travels with Mousey Home Page - A stuffed animal who doesn't believe he's a toy, but a real mouse and a famous Egyptologist to boot. Come along for a mouse-eye-view of Ancient Egypt.
  155. Treasure Island - The online version of the classic tale about the adventures of young Jim Hawkins during his search for Captain Flint's buried treasure.
  156. Trees House of Pooh - Winnie the Pooh and friends welcome you to the 100 acre wood, Experiance Pooh and friends in a new and unique way.
  157. Trevor and the Pack Rat - A great story for kids of all ages, animated by Shockwave.
  158. WebTime Stories - The online adventures of Webster the Spider.
  159. Wingfold Email List - Email list devoted to the life and work of George MacDonald. Archives available online.
  160. Winter Solstice Wolf Tale - A fable about Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman.
  161. Wizard of Oz Encyclopedia - A treasure trove of information on the Wizard of Oz and all the books and movies over the past 100 years on this topic. Includes a full who, what, and where encyclopedia on the original 14 books in the series by L. Frank Baum.
  162. Wondervista: - A Reading and Learning Site for Children. New story every week. Wonder

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