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  1. Bahrain:Embassy of India, Bahrain Embassy website, Information on Budget and Economic Survey 1999, News and links to many more sites
  2. Bangkok:Embassy of India, Bangkok Provides comprehensive information about India & Thailand
  3. Beijing:Embassy of India, Beijing Website of Indian Embassy in Beijing - Business and Commercial information,Indian Economy and Infrastructure, Bilateral Trade and Business
  4. Brunei:High Commission of India, Brunei Indian High Commission in Brunei - India-Brunei Relations,Consular and Visa Information, News update
  5. Budapest:Embassy of India, Budapest Indian Embassy in Budapest - Visa Information, News and information on other related links
  6. Canada:High Commission of India in Ottawa, Canada Website provides information on investment oportunities in India, Tourism in India, News and Links to other sites
  7. Chicago:Consulate General of Chicago Website of the Consulate General of India, Chicago,Illinois- Visa Information, Links to other related sites, information on festivals
  8. Croatia:Embassy of India, Croatia Indian Embassy in Croatia - Visa Information, News and information on tourism in India and other related links
  9. Discover india A wide range of information on India - Culture, Tourism, News, Economy, Social Issues and also a search engine including links to other related sites
  10. Embassy and Consulate Information Site provides Addresses of Consulates and Indian missions, Economic and Business overview, Industry and Investment in India
  11. Hongkong:Consulate General of India - Hong Kong Consulate General of India - Hong Kong
  12. Jakarta: Embassy of india, Jakarta Embassy of India, Jakarta
  13. Jakarta:Embassy of India, Jakarta Embassy website, Information on Budget and Business in India, Tourism in India,India-Indonesia relations, Nuclear Tests and links to many more sites
  14. Johannesburg:Consulate General of India, Johannesburg India Map, Address & Contact Numbers, Economic & Commercial,India South Africa Trade & Economic Relations , Trade Related Links, Visa & Consular and Links to Other Indian Missions
  15. Kathmandu - Embassy Provides comprehensive information on economic relations and links to practically all internet sites on and in and Nepal
  16. Kuwait:Embassy of India, Kuwait Indian embassy in Kuwait,Information on the consulate, Links to other sites
  17. Madrid:Embassy of India, Madrid Indian Embassy, Madrid - Site provides Guidance to Indian business visitors to Spain, Information on Tourism in India and other links
  18. Moscow:Indian Embassy in Moscow, Russia Information on the India and the Embassy services in English and russian
  19. Nepal:Embassy of India, Kathmandu Provides comprehensive Information about India & Nepal
  20. New York:Indian Consulate Indian Consulate - New York
  21. Peru:Embassy of India, Peru Embassy of India, Peru
  22. Qatar:The Embassy of India, Qatar The Embassy of India, Qatar,provides information on the various consular services ,The official forms which are required to be filled in for this purpose can now be directly down-loaded from the site, also general as well as business and tourist specifiic information relating to India.
  23. San Francisco-Consulate of india,San Francisco Obtain forms online and get information about contacts, events and business opportunities.
  24. Seychelles:Indian High Commision-Mahe, Seychelles Indian High Commision-Mahe, Seychelles
  25. Shanghai:Consulate General of India, Shanghai Website of the Consulate General of India in Shanghai - Visa Information, Information on India , Bilateral trade and business
  26. Singapore:High Commission of India, Singapore Details about visas, passports, rules and other services.
  27. Slovakia:Embassy of India, Bratislava/Slovakia Information about India, Slovakia, relation with Slovakia and consular information
  28. The High Comission of India, Ottawa The High Comission of India, Ottawa
  29. USA:Indian Consulates in USA Indian Consulates in USA
  30. Washington:Embassy of India, Washington DC Indian Embassy Website - Information on Consular Services, Foreign Relations, Policy Statements and India - US Relations and Indian Links

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