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  1. Bahrain:Embassy of India, Bahrain - Embassy website, Information on Budget and Economic Survey 1999, News and links to many more sites
  2. Bangkok:Embassy of India, Bangkok - Provides comprehensive information about India & Thailand
  3. Beijing:Embassy of India, Beijing - Website of Indian Embassy in Beijing - Business and Commercial information,Indian Economy and Infrastructure, Bilateral Trade and Business
  4. Brunei:High Commission of India, Brunei - Indian High Commission in Brunei - India-Brunei Relations,Consular and Visa Information, News update
  5. Budapest:Embassy of India, Budapest - Indian Embassy in Budapest - Visa Information, News and information on other related links
  6. Canada:High Commission of India in Ottawa, Canada - Website provides information on investment oportunities in India, Tourism in India, News and Links to other sites
  7. Chicago:Consulate General of Chicago - Website of the Consulate General of India, Chicago,Illinois- Visa Information, Links to other related sites, information on festivals
  8. Croatia:Embassy of India, Croatia - Indian Embassy in Croatia - Visa Information, News and information on tourism in India and other related links
  9. Discover india - A wide range of information on India - Culture, Tourism, News, Economy, Social Issues and also a search engine including links to other related sites
  10. Embassy and Consulate Information - Site provides Addresses of Consulates and Indian missions, Economic and Business overview, Industry and Investment in India
  11. Hongkong:Consulate General of India - Hong Kong - Consulate General of India - Hong Kong
  12. Jakarta: Embassy of india, Jakarta - Embassy of India, Jakarta
  13. Jakarta:Embassy of India, Jakarta - Embassy website, Information on Budget and Business in India, Tourism in India,India-Indonesia relations, Nuclear Tests and links to many more sites
  14. Johannesburg:Consulate General of India, Johannesburg - India Map, Address & Contact Numbers, Economic & Commercial,India South Africa Trade & Economic Relations , Trade Related Links, Visa & Consular and Links to Other Indian Missions
  15. Kathmandu - Embassy - Provides comprehensive information on economic relations and links to practically all internet sites on and in and Nepal
  16. Kuwait:Embassy of India, Kuwait - Indian embassy in Kuwait,Information on the consulate, Links to other sites
  17. Madrid:Embassy of India, Madrid - Indian Embassy, Madrid - Site provides Guidance to Indian business visitors to Spain, Information on Tourism in India and other links
  18. Moscow:Indian Embassy in Moscow, Russia - Information on the India and the Embassy services in English and russian
  19. Nepal:Embassy of India, Kathmandu - Provides comprehensive Information about India & Nepal
  20. New York:Indian Consulate - Indian Consulate - New York
  21. Peru:Embassy of India, Peru - Embassy of India, Peru
  22. Qatar:The Embassy of India, Qatar - The Embassy of India, Qatar,provides information on the various consular services ,The official forms which are required to be filled in for this purpose can now be directly down-loaded from the site, also general as well as business and tourist specifiic information relating to India.
  23. San Francisco-Consulate of india,San Francisco - Obtain forms online and get information about contacts, events and business opportunities.
  24. Seychelles:Indian High Commision-Mahe, Seychelles - Indian High Commision-Mahe, Seychelles
  25. Shanghai:Consulate General of India, Shanghai - Website of the Consulate General of India in Shanghai - Visa Information, Information on India , Bilateral trade and business
  26. Singapore:High Commission of India, Singapore - Details about visas, passports, rules and other services.
  27. Slovakia:Embassy of India, Bratislava/Slovakia - Information about India, Slovakia, relation with Slovakia and consular information
  28. The High Comission of India, Ottawa - The High Comission of India, Ottawa
  29. USA:Indian Consulates in USA - Indian Consulates in USA
  30. Washington:Embassy of India, Washington DC - Indian Embassy Website - Information on Consular Services, Foreign Relations, Policy Statements and India - US Relations and Indian Links

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