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    1. Alabama Alumni Net - Contact alumni of Alabama schools.
    2. Alabama Association for Gifted Children - AAGC is an organization that brings parent, teachers, and other individuals together to support gifted education in our state. Check out the purpose and goals, newsletter, conference updates, links, and more.
    3. Alabama Cooperative Extension System - The mission of the county programs are simply to take research-based knowledge and education from the land-grant universities to people in counties throughout Alabama who need it.
    4. Alabama Department of Education
    5. Alabama Distance Learning Association - The harnessing of technology to benefit schoolchildren, public officials, and businesses is beginning to turn computers, satellites, telephone access lines and video screens into tools for educators across the state.
    6. Alabama Education Association - Home of one of America's largest professional educator's advocacy groups.
    7. Alabama Home Educators' Web Ring - The purpose of this ring is to link together sites about home education, homeschool, unschooling, support groups and cover schools in the state of Alabama. This is so that people living in (or thinking of moving to) Alabama can find information about home education in our state easily. With an active ring someone who finds one of us can find us all.
    8. Alabama Law Foundation - Awards Law scholarships.
    9. Aspire - Training teachers to use Internet-based investigative techniques so they can stimulate their students' interest in science, math and core subjects.
    10. Auburn Webring - Ring of pages belonging to the students and alumni of Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama USA).
    11. Education Week Quality Counts: Alabama Data - This table shows Alabama's scores, along with those of some of its neighboring states, in our five major areas: Student Achievement, School Climate, Resources, Standards & Assessments, and Quality of Teaching.
    12. Higher Education Partnership Alabama - Alabama's advocacy group for the state's public universities.
    13. Mrs. Averett's Second Grade Website - Come visit our site and see what we are doing in second grade. Also visit my favorite teacher and students links.
    14. The PACERS Small Schools Cooperative - PACERS is an association of 29 small public schools located in rural communities throughout Alabama. The Cooperative has developed and implemented a program of education reform and community enhancement, Better Schools Building Better Communities.
    15. Teach US Web Ring of Alabama - This ring is not intended for mere homeschool information but rather to offer viewers a place to find legal cover schools in Alabama and see their requirements and offerings.
    16. Tennessee Valley Educators for Excellence - Educational resources for school systems, schools, administrators, parent organizations, educators, program design, planning, test development, evaluation, professional development, recognition of outstanding achievement
    17. The Tropolitan Online

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