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iMahal choice:

  • AICTE - All India Council for Technical Education is an apex organisation in the country charged with the responsibility of proper planning and co-ordinated development of Technical Education system.
  • The iMahal Education Portal - General Information about India

iMahal suggests:

  1. All India Academic Index - An index of websites of academic institutions in India.
  2. Al-Ameen Charitable Fund Trust - A trust to promote technical and professional education in the field of medical sciences, such as Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.
  3. Alkaad - ALKAAD offers consultancy services in the preparation of teaching curriculum, mordernisation and design of teaching laboratories, specialised furniture, suggests equipment for optimum practice oriented teaching
  4. Colleges, Institutes and Universities
  5. Directory of Indian Colleges
  6. Indian Colleges/Institutes/Universities
  7. Indian Schools
  8. Vignana Jyothi - Vignana Jyothi is a registered non-profit society which runs educational institutions namely VNR Vignana Jyothi college of engineering and technology.

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