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  1. Canada's Computers for Schools - Brings educational institutions, communities, business, and governments together to channel surplus computer equipment and software to Canadian schools.
  2. Canadian Education on the Web - A directory of sites relating to education. Includes schools, boards of education, organizations, libraries, and journals.
  3. Canadian Millenium Scholarship Foundation - Information about how to apply for the scholarships.
  4. Canadian Parliamentary Internship Program - A program for recent university graduates, allowing them to work with back bench Members of Parliament; sponsored by the Canadian Political Science Association.
  5. EduNET! Canada - Education resource, arranged by learning categories. Includes library, bookstore, Teachers Only section, news ticker tape, educational site of the week, education directory (school boards, schools, teachers). Pagemaster section allows schools, teachers and students to create their own Home Pages.
  6. News In Education - An online news, newsletter and information service for the education community, journalists and anyone interested in educational developments.
  7. RCMP On-line University - A virtual learning site containing many resources relating to policing, tips for locating materials not owned by the RCMP and access to RCMP-designed educational and learning materials.
  8. Summer Explorations in Canadian Cultures - Information about a Trent University multidisciplinary summer immersion program investigating Canada's rich social, political and cultural diversity.
  9. Vision Inclusion - A Human Resources Development Canada project supervised by researchers at Université du Québec à Hull, it aims to raise awareness conditions favouring integration into society, of delayed development or intellectually deficient children.

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