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  1., South Indian recipes
  2. Bhooma's Kitchen - South Indian recipes, dishes and flavours for every palate.
  3. Contributed Keralan Recipes - Recipes from the southwestern coast of India.
  4. Cuisine of India - Common South Indian recipe favorites.
  5. Hyderabadi Cuisine - Here are some of the most traditional Hyderabadi dishes which were probably served 400 years ago, which are still served today.
  6. Karnataka Recipes - Recipes from the Indian state of Karnataka.
  7. Kerala Recipes - Favorite kerala recipes like olan, kalan, avial, dosa, idli can all be found at this site.
  8. Lakshmi's Indian Cooking - A variety of South Indian recipes.
  9. Lakshmi's South Indian Cooking - Recipes from South India.
  10. Lavanya’s Indian Recipes - Most of the Indian dishes mentioned here are native to the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  11. Recipe Collection - Recipes for several Malayalee dishes by Dr. PK John.
  12. Saraswat Cooking - Konkani style recipes from this southern area in India.
  13. Sarojini and Rao's South Indian Cooking Lessons - Recipes as well cooking techniques and general information about South Indian cooking can be found here.
  14. Sheela's South Indian Cooking - Authentic and Original Recipes from South India.
  15. South Indian Recipes - A variety of tasty vegetarian (south indian style) recipes organized by category as well as a glossary of ingredients.
  16. South Indian Recipes from Sue's Recipe Server - Sue has posted recipes from across South India including Madras, Kerala and Goa.
  17. South Indian Vegeterian Cuisine - Recipes for several varieties of Indian food (predominantly Tamilian) by Anupama.
  18. Suja's Cookery Page - Features vegetarian recipes of South India.
  19. Vidhya's Recipes - Wide collection of Indian recipes (vegetarian & non-vegetarian) organized by category with a glossary of ingredients . Most of the recipes at this site are from the south of India.

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