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  1. Anita Pal's Bengali Cookery Page - The home of good Bengali home cooking. Four recipes are posted with a promise from the sites owner to add more.
  2. Bengali Cuisine-Food and Recipes - Introduction to Bengali food as well as many Bengali recipes. To the casual palate, Bengali food means rice and fish. From this it is easy to guess that Bengal is on the monsoon-drenched east coast of India. The other characteristic of coastal cuisines, the use of coconut.
  3. Bengali Recipes - Small collection of recipe from the Bengal region of India.
  4. Delicious Bangali Recipes - You may need a plug in to entirely read the first page. However clicking beyond this one finds unusual Bengali recipes and instructions in English.
  5. Introduction to Bengali Cooking - Bengal or, as she is lovingly referred to, "Sonar Bangla" (Golden Bengal), is made up of the Indian state of West Bengal and the country of Bangladesh (formerly East Bengal). The people of Bengal farm the fertile Ganges Delta for rice and vegetables and fish the regions myriad rivers.
  6. Virtual Bangladesh : Recipes - Bangladesh cooking and recipes. Tough Bangladesh is not part of India this site has been included because of the cultural affinities that exist between the two areas.

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