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  1. Alistair Nelson's Indian Recipes - A site with all Indian recipes, ranging from breads to curries.
  2. Amul's Recipes - Mostly Indian cheese and vegetarian recipes are hosted at this site.
  3., Indian Recipes - Over 800 recipes from this South Asian nation.
  4. Balti Recipes - Small collection of Balti recipes.
  5. Beverages hot and refreshing from india Beverages including all forms of tea from the gardens of north eastern India
  6. Big Boys Curry Book - The site offers much information about Indian food and ingredients, as well as recipes. The side bar is in spite of the link names the way to lots of food related information and names.
  7. CHANDDA PRABHOO VEGETARIAN VILLAGES A model vegetarian village in ISRAEL where Christians, Jews and Muslims live in harmony was the inspiration.
  8. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Indian Food Guide - South Indian recipes for dosa and other regional favorites.
  9. Collection: Indian Recipes (1 of 2) - These recipes are posted in plain text format.
  10. Collection: Indian Recipes (2 of 2) - Part two of the above collection of Indian recipes.
  11. Cook and Sigh: Recipes of India - Canadian site that hosts a large number of Indian recipes.
  12. Cooking New Orleans Style - Indian Cuisine - This site features Indian recipes New Orleans style.
  13. Cuisine of India - Non-vegetarian Indian recipes, mostly chicken and lamb.
  14. Cuisine of India - Vegetarian Indian recipes.
  15. Curry Club Recipes - Collection of typical Indian dishes.
  16. Curry House - David Smith's Curry House contains lots of recipes for delicious Indian meals, a chili FAQ & tips page, details about the UK curry scene and restaurant reviews for the UK.
  17. Delicious Food and Recipes - India - Food items and Reciepes of all Indian and Ethnic Gourment Foods. Collection of links to all food related sites about India.
  18. Indian Food Recipes - Aniel focuses on the food and recipes of two areas widely seperated by geography in India: Goa and Assam.
  19. Gourmet Cooking with Jiggs Kalra - Indian Gourmet cooking with Jiggs Kalra, a new recipe every week.
  20. Hot cooked Indian snacks and foods ORION HOUSE offers traditional Indian pre-cooked and ready to eat hot snacks and foods, such as Kerala and Ceylon parottas, Hyderabadi biryani, samosas, bajjis, and also fresh vegetables - drumsticks, tapioca and coconut.
  21. Incredible Indian Cooking - Nine traditional Indian recipes can be found at this Recipe Lu site.
  22. India Food - Amazing list of veggie and non-veggie food recipes.
  23. India Web Chakra Cuisine - Publish your favorite Indian recipe or browse recipes posted by others.
  24. IndiaBuzz - Indian Recipes - Mainly recipes from Northern India and Southern India but a Chinese collection is also maintained at this site.
  25. Indian Cooking Mailing List - A mailing list for the discussion & exchange of recipes for foods of the Indian sub-continent.
  26. Indian Dishes - Channa, Eggplant, Kofta and as well as meat recipes.
  27. Indian Food Guide - The site features recipes from different topic areas every week. At the bottom of the page are links to recipes feature in previous weeks. Many regional Indian collection can be found here.
  28. Indian Recipes Index - A small selection of recipes, mainly from the Mumbai area.
  29. Indian Recipes - Site owner Sharon Curtis's favorite Indian recipes.
  30. INDOlink Recipes - Features a large collection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes from across India.
  31. Infodiary.Com - Indian Recipes - Nice collection of Indian recipes.
  32. Introduction to Indian Cuisine - A brief introduction to Indian Cuisine, including information on various ethnic cuisines within India; from the India Tourist Office in Amsterdam.
  33. Jigna's Recipe World - Indian recipes mostly the Gujarati style.
  34. Kashmiri Cuisine - Brief discussion of the historical context of Kashmiri Cuisine as well as quite a few Kashmiri recipes.
  35. Kosher Indian Recipes - Nice collection of Kosher Indian recipes from the American-Asian Kashrus Services.
  36. Mallika Badrinath's Home Page Mrs.S.Mallika Badrinath is a culinary expert and published many books of Indian Food recipes in cookery,in English,Tamil and Telegu.
  37. North Indian Recipes from Sue's Recipe Server - Recipes from the Northern India's regional cuisines such as Balti, Mughlai, Kashmiri, Gujarati are posted here.
  38. Padma Mehta's Kitchen - Vegetarian recipes consisting of ingredients that are said to prolong life and improve the immune system. The recipes have been created by Padma Mehta over the last 40 years, after moving through India, USA and Australia.
  39. Parsi Cuisine and Recipes - These are Original Recipes of the Parsi way of cooking in India. The Zoroastrian(also known as Zarathushti) community is a thriving community. The Zoroastrian Parsis or Parsees (Old Persian Parsa, "Persia"), followers of the ancient Persian religion known as Zoroastrianism, are spread out all over the Globe.
  40. Pugmarks' Cookbook - Indian recipes including a section on Mughlai cuisine.
  41. Punjabi Recipes - Recipes from the north western region of India along the border with Pakistan.
  42. Rasoi - This site contains carefully selected recipes, ranging from the traditional favorities to more exotic recipes from the Indian kitchen. Also featured is a glossary of Indian food, and useful kitchen hints.
  43. Recipes from India - The recipes are listed in the side bar.
  44. Regional Curries - Recipes are organized by Indian state or region.
  45. S.Meenakshi Ammal Publications Cook & See is a globally acclaimed cookery book,containing 350 traditional south Indian vegetarian dishes.
  46. Taste of India - Vegetarian recipes from India.
  47. Tempting Gujarati Thali - A few traditional Gujarati thaliU recipes, a regional cuisine.
  48. The Balti Files - An index of recipes from this regional Indian cuisine.
  49. Uttar Pradesh Recipes - This site features recipes from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

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