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iMahal choice:

  • - offers downloadable freeware, games, chat software, internet tools etc.
  • ZD Net Software Library. - shareware, free applets, internet utilities, games etc. for all platforms

iMahal suggests:

  1. Codeguru. - the online community of Windows software development
  2. DaveCentral. - offers a large collection of software, internet tools and demo software
  3. Download Warehouse. - a storehouse of free software, games and other utilities
  4. Linux India - India's Linux User GroupLinux India is a group of linux enthusiasts from India and abroad who likes to foster the growth of Linux in India.
  5. Merit Systems -Connecting your LAN to your dial up account
  6. Mister Driver. - a searchable database for drivers for all types of computer hardware
  7. PPPshar -Share a single Dial-up TCP/IP or leased connection with any number of computers
  8. Protector Plus Antivirus Software
  9. Quick Heal -India's Leading Anti Virus Kit -Pune
  10. SohoPop Mail Center -Email server for small businesses and Home networks allowing unlimited users and distribution lists through ONE mailbox!
  11. - offers web tools, browsers, plug-ins, FTP, telnet applications, games etc.
  12. SlaughterHouse. - this site offers a large collection of freeware, plug-ins, browsers etc.
  13. Softseek. - download shareware, screen savers, fonts, anti-virus utilities and more
  14. TdsPac
  15. Tucows. - download freeware, shareware and software applications and tools
  16. Wings Business Accounting Software

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