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  1. A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet I - Pointing the Way: A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet v. 2.19 January 29, 1999 Part I: Bibles, Bible Study Aids, Books This document contains pointers to internet accessible literature related to Classical Christianity (a term coined by C.S.
  2. CyberZones: Computers: Internet Resources - Internet Resources Address Description Rating out of 5 ILC Glossary of Internet Terms The title says it all, very useful site. ***** Global Village's Internet Tour Information and demonstration of how the net works. **** ISOCNZ The Internet
  3. Cybex Computer Products Corp.: KVM Switch, extender, and remote access... - Cybex Solutions are the industry's most innovative switching and transmission products for today's demanding computer configurations. Our product line includes keyboard/monitor/mouse switching systems, peripheral extension and expansion products, and phone-activated power control systems for the PC, Macintosh and Sun computer platforms
  4. C++ Internet Resources - A searchable list of sites with C++ resources.
  5. computers internet resources - computers internet resources
  6. CompLaw - The Computer Law Resource is a source of information concerning Internet and computer law, intellectual property law and general legal issues. It contains legal news, opinion from relevant court cases and links to other law sites.
  7. Computers & Internet Resources at GCPL - COMPUTERS & INTERNET Beginner's Central - An easy-to-follow Internet tutorial, divided into chapters. Computer News Daily - Read computer news and reports on industry issues, hardware, software, & technology. ComputerWorld Internet Basics Internet Guides
  8. Computer Crime Resources - The Virtual Librarian hosts computer and Internet security resources. Site includes information about and links to organizations, publications, legal resources, professional services, advisories, classes and more.
  9. Computers and Information Technology - Online directory of web li - Web sites, online directories and useful sources of information about computers and information technology benefiting nonprofit organizations, compiled by the United Way of Greater Utica.
  10. creative computers - News, Information, and Ideas. You won't find a better creative computers resource anywhere!
  11. Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway - Welcome to the Math and Science Gateway! This Gateway is maintained by the Cornell Department of Education, on server space donated by the Cornell Theory Center.
  12. Charm Net Learning - Zen and the Art of the Internet is a more technical introduction. Internet Classroom Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap Techni Help - Free On-line Help Trafficplan Unique Tutorial and Web Traffic Planning Guide Internet Resources on the Web For Trainers and Students, Out Of Brandon University, Canada Global Village Tour of the Internet NetGuide From EFF (Was Big Dummies' Guide: BIG)...
  13. Computer Jobs and Technical Employment for Computer Professionals - Resume Banks, Employment Resources, Job - offers computer technical employment, resume bank resources, salary surveys, internet jobs, contract work, staffing and recruiting resources.
  14. Continental Resources, The industry leader in computer networking and ... - Continental Resources, the industry leader in heterogeneous computer networking and systems integration.
  15. Document Image Understanding Information Server - This system serves as a repository for Document Image Understanding and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) information and resources. The server maintains research announcements, bibliographies, mailing lists, source code, technical reports, database information, and internet resources for document understanding, character recogntion and some related domains such as information retrieval.
  16. D-Lib Magazine - This is a monthly Web magazine devoted to digital library research. Articles, commentary and news updates on new computer technology are provided at this site. The site also links to other Internet resources and projects on digital libraries.
  17. Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace - Kevin Hughes Honolulu Community College October 1993 For fifty years, people have dreamt of the concept of a universal information database - data that would not only be accessible to people around the world, but information that would link easily to other pieces of information so that only the most important data would be quickly found by a user
  18. First Net of Acadiana - Partner's of the World's Premier Local Internet Roaming Providers! Image Map Menu
  19. FullWebInfo: Computers -> Internet -> Resources (Best sites from the Web Directory) - sites for this catagory have been organized at as part of the Open Directory project. Check out the largest human edited web directory! 41. Homefires - The Journal of Homeschooling - Information and resources for home educators in the San Francisco Bay Area and the whole world....
  20. The Internet Guide to Greece and the Greek Islands - Everything you always wanted to know about Greece: nature, culture, people, education, entertainment, business, news, history, and travel information. GoGreece, the startting point for anything Greek on the Internet.
  21. HTML: HyperText Markup Language - Library of Congress: Explore the Internet: Internet: HTML. Explore Internet resources on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) used to create pages for the World Wide Web.
  22. Instuctional Computers - Internet Resources - Titles ISBN/ * ISSN Classroom CONNECT - How to create Great School Web Pages 9-32577-72-5 Classroom CONNECT - Trial Issue Newsletter 1078-6430* Classroom CONNECT - Yearbook ...
  23. Intranet Resources - NetTech, Inc. - A comprehensive list of useful Intranet resources. Maintained by NetTech, Inc.
  24. Introduction to the Internet- Using the Internet - SOFWeb is the Victorian Department of Education's intelligent signpost to the Internet and learning technologies for students, teachers, school leaders, school administrators, parents and the school community.
  25. IPL Ready Reference Collection: Computer Software - »» Computer Software The programs. No further Subcategories Resources in this category are: Anand's Hardware Tech "This site is intended to inform the end ...
  26. Indices - Resources: 345 1997 Christian Resource Index A large list of Christian resources compiled by Agape Europe. 316th Street Christian Product Directory @Truth_net! Christian Mega site offering Free web pages also ...
  27. MindSpring Enterprises - Internet access for everyone. Bringing Internet access to the people.
  28. Miscellaneous Internet Resources - Miscellaneous Internet resources. Categories include Ezines, Internet Information, Online Classes, Schools on the Internet, and Software resources
  29. Microsoft - Seniors and Technology - The Web site of the Microsoft Senior Initiative, Seniors and Technology provides information and training resources geared towards helping seniors explore the Internet and learn new computer technologies.
  30. Microsoft Library - Computer company information and innovative Web sites are among the online resources available at the Microsoft library site. Technical, Internet and business resources are also available here.
  31. NutekWeb - Computers & Internet - Resources - NutekWeb is compilation of the best websites on the internet. Find exactly what you're looking for. For the Mind, Body and Soul.
  32. Network Startup Resource Center - The Network Startup Resource Center works to build and support computer networks in the developing world. At this Web site users can find links to Internet resources in developing countries.
  33. PC-Help Online - PC-Help Online is the only website you need to ease your computer woes. We've searched and categorized PC related websites to make it easier for you to find the answers you need.
  34. PolishWorld: Computers & Internet: Resources - stay in a Polish castle or palace! PolishWorld: Computers & Internet: Resources. Baronsoft. - Polish software, shareware and freeware. List of...
  35. - Forums, Internet resource list, source code, book reviews, features and humor for the computer programmer.
  36. Selected technology, learning, education & training resources - technology & learning resources, technology & health, technology and education resources
  37. Shamash Home Page - Shamash: The Jewish Interent Consortium is a home for many large and small Jewish organizations spanning the religious and political spectrum.
  38. SeniorNet: Computers and Internet Education for Seniors and Older Adults: Senior Net - SeniorNet provides nonprofit computer and Internet education for older adults and seniors. SeniorNet is the premier senior site for content and community.
  39. Tips and Tricks On How to Use Computers (Internet Resources - Windows 95 "How to" pages. (Frank Condron) Tips & Tricks for Windows 95. (Frank Condron) Windows 95 Answers for technical problems. (Frank Condron) Tips & Tricks for Windows 95. (Windows Sources Author: Webmaster (Nick Bons
  40. The WWW Virtual Library: Computing - Information categorised by subject. Please mail if you know of online information not in these lists. to scan a lot of technical reports.
  41. Technology & Internet Services - Law Offices of Patrick Moloney Long - Patent, ... - The Law Offices of Patrick Moloney Long. Intellectual property attorneys in Chicago representing computer and Internet clientele. Visit our informative web site.
  42. The ACL NLP/CL Universe - Here is a directory of Internet resources on the subjects of artificial intelligence, natural language recognition in computers and machine translation.
  43. The Gates Library Foundation - This is an organization that seeks to provide computers and Internet technologies for public libraries in low-income communities. The site includes background information, contact addresses and links to related Internet resources.
  44. The Women's Internet Conference Conférence: les femmes et l'Inter - Final report on The Women's Internet Conference on Access to Information Technology and Using the Net for Women's Equality, Ottawa,Canada, Oct 18-21,1997 policies to support women getting online.
  45. The FreeBSD Project - The FreeBSD Project
  46. VizSim and Virtual Reality Resources - CyberEdge Electric! - virtual reality resource, virtual reality bibliograpy, virtual reality consulting, visual simulation, visual simulation resource, visual simulation bibliography, visual simulation consulting, VizSim, virtual reality, CyberEdge Electric! Where the world clicks for news of virtual reality
  47. What's New Too! - 743 found in today's sites out of 1,498,095 total matching entries. Gas technologies aylmer, Québec, Canada Conversions énergétiques au gaz et au solaire pour l'industriel, le commercial, le résidentiel.
  48. Winchester, Massachusetts Home Page - The Town of Winchester, Massachusetts Home Page....

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