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  1. A business & culture directory of India
  2. AbrasiveWorld - The site dedicated to the world for Abrasives.
  3. AccessAsia-Orient Business Express - The Internet Hub for Asian Business. Trade tools at site include ORIENT BUSINESS EXPRESS, a yellow page directory of over 500,000 companies.
  4. Bizard Business Directory
  5. Business Directory of India
  6. Business Opportunities in Rajasthan - Home pages for business in Rajasthan. Garments, textiles, carpets, jewelry, handicrafts, hotels, tourism etc
  7. Cirrusindia - Your Guide to Trade Events in India
  8. Commerce Net India - initiative to provide a presence to Indian Trade and Commerce on the Internet.
  9. Commerceindia - Contains links to Indian Exporters and Importers of Cotton Textiles, Garments, Steel and Iron Castings, Automobile spares, Software, Spices, Vegetables and general Commodities.
  10. Connect India - The Indian Business Mall that connects the right people !.
  11. Corporate Home Pages
  12. Commerce Net India - initiative to provide a presence to Indian Trade and Commerce on the Internet.
  13. Confederation of Indian Industry - a searchable database of the leading Indian companies along with an index of authoritative publications and a schedule of trade fairs.
  14. DataNumeric - Indian Computer Companies, Products & Services directory.
  15. Database of Indian Internet Users
  16. ExploreIndia - India's business information resource on real estate, investing in India, govt. relations, export-import, tourism, companies and products.
  17. Fax Directory
  18. Indialog Indian Business Directory - Indian business directory, export, import, and manufacturers.
  19. Indian CompuTrade News - Covers Infotech Industry, Computer Technologies, Markets, Vendors, and Strategies.
  20. Indian Corporate Gateway
  21. Indian Economy - Information about the economy and Indian companies.
  22. Internet Textile Directory of India - A directory of complete textile industry in India, for the first time appearing simultaneously in three media; In printed form, on floppy disk and on the Internet.
  23. India Gateway - Comprehensive Indian site covering Business, Finance, Trade, Indian Matrimonial, Free Stuff, News, Science, Health, Books etc.
  24. India Mart
  25. IndiaServer Business Page - A platform of business news, government databases and informational services on and its marketplace.
  26. IndiaVibes - An Indian business & entertainment site.
  27. Maharashtra E-Bex - A business exchange.
  28. Samilan - South Asian Milan- Internet Resources from the sub-continent.
  29. SourceIndia - Resource for businesses from Indian market. Includes business and company information and general news.
  30. Tiruppur - Knitcity of India. Tiruppur is a major source of Cotton Tetiles, Yarn, Knitted Garments, Sportswear, casual wear and under garments.
  31. Web India - Provides information on business opportunities in Indian services such as music, restaurants worldwide.
  32. Whoiswho from India - A directory of Achievers from India.

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