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  1. AMUL - The Taste of India - Amul is a symbol of high-quality products sold at reasonable prices.
  2. Bakemans Industries Ltd. Largest Manufacturer of Biscuits in India. - World's only 100% climate controlled production unit: dust and insect proof, with controlled light, temperature and humidity.
  3. Beverages hot and refreshing from india - Beverages including all forms of tea from the gardens of north eastern India
  4. CHANDDA PRABHOO VEGETARIAN VILLAGES - A model vegetarian village in ISRAEL where Christians, Jews and Muslims live in harmony was the inspiration.
  5. Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturers in India. - Web Directory of sweets, chocolate and confectionery makers from India.
  6. Hot cooked Indian snacks and foods - ORION HOUSE offers traditional Indian pre-cooked and ready to eat hot snacks and foods, such as Kerala and Ceylon parottas, Hyderabadi biryani, samosas, bajjis, and also fresh vegetables - drumsticks, tapioca and coconut.
  7. Mallika Badrinath's Home Page - Mrs.S.Mallika Badrinath is a culinary expert and published many books of Indian Food recipes in cookery,in English,Tamil and Telegu.
  8. Manjushree Plantations - Producer and exporter of tea, coffee, cardamom, roses and hybrid seeds from India.
  9. ONJUS- Natural Orange Juice Pulp Drink - India’s largest processor and exporter of fruit purees and concentrates and the only ISO 9002 Certified and U.S. FDA approved plant .
  10. A site for children of all ages - A site for children of all ages, full of fun, excitement, games, information and sweets from Parrys ... India's leading confectionery company!-indian children fun confectionery sweets
  11. S.Meenakshi Ammal Publications - Cook & See is a globally acclaimed cookery book,containing 350 traditional south Indian vegetarian dishes.
  12. Sharmila Ayurveda - Indian Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company having ISO 9002 certification. Medicines for arthritis, impotence, menorrhragia, stress, immune deficiency, asthma, stomach ulcer, liver disorders, piles, loss of memory, loss of hair, and skin care, etc.
  13. Unicorn Agrotech, Bangalore - A leading producer of Gherkins in Brine, Acetic acid and Vinegar.
  14. Webindia's Directory of Food Industries - This is a directory of sites related to Indian food industries and companies' websites.

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