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  • Indian History - An Indian Government site (Ministry of External Affairs); an informative site with a set of web pages giving an outline of history from prehistoric to modern times.
  • Indiatime History - A large collection of Indian historial links. Includes timelines and histories of religions, science, arts and business, and regional histories.

iMahal suggests:

  1. Ancient India - Acadamic site. Brief overviews of the major topics from prehistory through to the Islamic invasions.
  2. Ancient Indus Tour: Indus Essay 1 - A 90 slide tour of the ancient Indus Valley with one of its foremost scholars, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.
  3. Aryan invasion; lack of evidence - Article by Koenraad Elst, seeking to demonstrate lack of evidence for the Aryan Invasion Theory.
  4. Archaeology and prehistory of Tamilnadu - Accounts of the old studies of the prehistory of the Tamil country, and modern work in the Kortallayar basin.
  5. Chitrapur Saraswat and Dakshinatya Saraswat Brahmins; history - Describes the history of these two groups of Konkani Brahmins.
  6. Discover India Gallery - Archaeology of India; an online magazine with a large archive.
  7. East India Company History - The history page of the East India Company's website. Brief account of the company and why it still exists now, its present status.
  8. Heritage (India Heritage) - A site devoted to the culture of India. In particular there are pages describing the history and development of temple architecture.
  9. History of India - a graphic presentation - A graphic rich site providing an overview of Indian history with lots of photographs.
  10. History of India: Books - A comprehensive annotated catalog of books on the history and politics of India. A search facility is also available at the site.
  11. HISTORY: The East India Trade - Theme page on the East India Trade from 1500 to 1800. It is mainly concerned with the Danish East India Company.
  12. Itihaas: Chronology -- Independent India - Essays and contributions on the history of Independent India, 1947 to the present.
  13. Itihaas: The History of India - An overview of the whole of Indian history with detailed articles on many specific subjects, and web links.
  14. Indus Valley; People and Languages - Detailed account by Dr Tariq Rahman on the people and languages of the IV civilisation, and their relationships to modern societies and languages.
  15. Indus Valley; recent finds. - An account for the layman of recent finds of the Indus Valley civilisation.
  16. Indology - Main Menu - Indology is the study of classical Indian languages, history, and culture. This is an academic site with a large and up to date collection of links.
  17. Internet Indian History Sourcebook - An extensive collection of links and original source material on the history, religion and culture of the whole subcontinent, from the earliest times to the present.
  18. Indian Mutiny - Standard retelling of the events of 1857 as a brief set of web pages. Concentrates on the principal events.
  19. Indian Mutiny 1857 - Elisa Greathed: An Account of the Opening of the Indian Mutiny at Meerut, 1857
  20. Kashmir - outline history. - Moderately detailed history from an Indian nationalist viewpoint.
  21. Koenraad Elst's Indology homepage : Indian history, religion and politics. - Indological site with frequently updated articles on Indian history, religion and politics.
  22. Landscapes and gardens in India - A short essay on the history and development of landscapes and gardens in the Indian subcontinent
  23. Library of Hindu History - An overall view of the history of Hindu India, from the most ancient times, seen from a modern religious viewpoint.
  24. Manas: History and Politics - A brief overview of the history of the subcontinent.
  25. Macaulay's Minute on Indian Education - Text of a report which laid the foundation for the education system created in the Company ruled lands.
  26. Mahatma Gandhi - Gandhi's life and work. An informative site, also a large collection of links to yet more information.
  27. Mughal Empire - Detailed account of the founding of the Mughal empire, and of Babar, Humayun and Akbar.
  28. NM's Creative Impulse..India - Collection of links; history, geography, culture and society of India.
  29. Nizams of Hyderabad - A listing of the Nizams of the (last) Asif Jahi dynasty, with a short description of the rule of each.
  30. Physics and Chemistry - Account of the history of these subjects in the subcontinent. Includes links to other history pages.
  31. Padri; excavations. - A detailed account of the findings of the recent excavations at Padri, an IV civilisation village in Saurashtra.
  32. Rewriting Indian History by F. Gautier - Criticisms of established mainstream histories and historians of India. Concentrates particularly on the period of Muslim domination, and accepted views of the Muslim conquests. At
  33. Sarasvati Sindhu Civilization: Home Page - A detailed account of recent work on the Indus Valley civilisation (Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization).
  34. Sidi Al Reis; travels to India - Extract from the Mirat ul Memalik, the account by Sidi Al Reis, a Turkish admiral of his travels in India in 1557.
  35. The Myth of Aryan Invasion of India - David Frawley makes the case stated in the title in a detailed exposition.
  36. Tamil History - An moderately detailed single page account, more valuable for the recent history.
  37. The History of Punjab - A brief history of the Punjab, up to the 18th Century.
  38. Taj Mahal - An account of the Taj Mahal, including photographs, history, construction, layout.
  39. The Babur Nama - An extract from Babur's account of his invasion of India, a backgrounder on the Babri Masjid issue and Mir Baqi's inscription on the mosque
  40. Tipu Sultan - The Tiger of Mysore - Accounts of Tippu Sultan and his kingdom, on a graphics rich site with lots of pictures and maps. Includes a slide presentation.
  41. What is the Aryan Problem? - The History and Causes.

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