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  1. 25 June 1997: Sanjukta's dance brought sculptures to life - Sanjukta Panigrahi's obituary.
  2. A feature on Odissi, a classical Dance form of Temple origins from India, at The Muse. - Description of Odissi dance and its origins.
  3. Article: Odissi - The New Wave - Very interesting article on the current problems Odissi dance is facing.
  4. Bijayini Sathpathy - An Odissi dancer, trained at Nrityagram. She is the daughter of Jagannath and Lakshmi Sathpathy.
  5. Center for World Music - Based in san Diego, Manoranjan Pradhan offers training in Odissi.
  6. General - Odissi - General Info about Odissi dance.
  7. Ileana Citaristi's Website - A disciple of Guru Padmabhushan Kelucharan Mohapatra. She is also part of "Art Vision" which was founded by a group of artists belonging to different disciplines such as dance, painting, cinema and literature who wanted to have a common ground for sharing experiences and creative ideas.
  8. Interview: Sharon Lowen -
  9. Jagannath Puri Temple - A wonderful picture of the famous Puri temple.
  10. Jyoti Shrivastava -
  11. Madonna and the Odissi Dancers on MTV Awards - The Patnaik sisters give their comments on being 'selected' by Madonna to dance at the MTV Awards...!?
  12. Meera Das -
  13. Odissi - A general background to Odissi dance.
  14. Odissi - Gurus, Institutions and exponents of Odissi
  15. Odissi - A good informative site on Odissi from the Evergreen State College (USA). A bit out-of-date bit still interesting.
  16. Odissi - A short intro to Odissi dance.
  17. Odissi Dance Academy - Odissi Dance Academy in Calcutta. A site on Odissi, the classical dance form from Orissa.
  18. Odissi Kala Kendra - A premium site on Odissi, the classical dance style from eastern India. If you are a Odissi lover, you can also contribute to the development of this site.
  19. Picture: Odissi - Surupa Sen - A beautiful picture of Surupa in Odissi pose.
  20. Pratima Gauri Bedi - Read about Pratima Gauri Bedi and her Odissi school, NRITYAGRAM in the "We Salute" section.
  21. Rekha Tandon - An Odissi exponent.
  22. Shagun Butani - Home Page - Shaun is an young exponent and choreographer of Odissi
  23. Sreyashi Dey - Odissi dancer, founder of Srishti based in Pennsylvania, USA.
  24. Surupa Sen - Odissi exponent of Nrityagram.
  25. Take Odissi Classes in Bhubaneshwar - Odissi Dance Master classes at Srjan by Padmabhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.
  26. - Many Odissi Dancers Featured here

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