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  1. A Glance: Kuchipudi Bharatam or Kuchipudi Dance : A South Indian Classical Dance Tradition (Raga Nritya Series No 5) - Book on Kuchipudi
  2. Andhra Natyam - The traditional dance form Andhra Natyam is as old as the people of Andhra and dates back 2000 years.
  3. Anila Kumari and Kuchipudi - About Anila Kumari who is Nilimma Devi's daughter.
  4. General - Kuchipudi - Excellent concise on Kuchipudi dance of Andhra Pradesh.
  5. Kalpalathika - Read about Kalpalathika, director of Saundaryalahari Kuchipudi school.
  6. Kuchipudi - Clear and concise presentation of Kuchipudi.
  7. Kuchipudi - A great background to Kuchipudi and Abhinaya Dance Company.
  8. Kuchipudi - Some detail on the origins, development and expression of Kuchipudi dance.
  9. Kuchipudi - An excellent detailed background to Kuchipudi
  10. Kuchipudi - A brief intro.
  11. Kuchipudi Art Academy - Vempati, the renouned kuchipudi classical dancer started Kuchipudi Art Academy in Chennai to promote Kuchipudi dance form in India and abroad.
  12. Kuchipudi Dance Academy - The dance school opened by Lakshmi Babu in Maryland, USA.
  13. Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh - Kuchipudi a dance form given to the Indian dance platform by a small village in the Andhra Pradesh. Kuchipudi is not mere a dance form but is combination of dance, gestures, speech and song. This is a basic intro to Kuchipudi.
  14. Meet Nilimma Devi - Nilimma Devi is a Senior Fellow of the American Institute of Indian Studies. She is the artistic director of the Sutradhar Institute of Dance and Related Arts, where she teaches the Kuchipudi style of classical Indian dance.
  15. Nilimma Devi and Sutradhar Dance Institute (Kuchipudi) - Nilimma Devi's dance school in Kensington, MD (USA). Also a good description of Kuchipudi.
  16. Picture: KUCHIPUDI - Large picture of Male Kuchipudi dancer.
  17. Shobha Naidu and The Kuchipudi Art Academy - A good interview with Shobha Naidu, covering her life story and achievements as well as the origins and renaissance of Kuchipudi.
  18. Shyamala Karra - Kuchipudi teacher in California, USA.

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