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iMahal choice:

  • Anita Ratnam and Arangham - A user-friendly site on this powerful artist, her background, versatile career as well as The Arangham Trust and its scope. Click on the "Shopping" icon to get details of her excellent Dance directory, "Narthaki II".
  • Mrinalini Sarabhai's Darpana Academy of Performing Arts - 1999 is the 50th anniversary of the Darpana Academy, which was founded by the living legend, Mrinalini Sarabhai at home (to the annoyance of her in-laws!) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Darpana offers training in music, puppetry and theatre as well. Mrinalini's very versatile and talented daughter, Mallika Sarabhai is also highly involved in the running of Darpana. One of the best sites on a Dance School I have seen so far.

iMahal suggests:

  1. Aangikam Dance Company - This dance school teaches Manipuri, Bharata Natyam and folk dances of India. It is run by Jasmine Shah, and is based in New Hampshire, USA.
  2. Abhinay School of Dance - A site on The school which also features Jayalakshmi Eshwar (who trained under Rukmani Devi,) and has also learnt Odissi in New Delhi, India. The school wants to propagate Indian Culture and Art for disabled children. They also have links with a dance school in Texas, USA.
  3. Abhinaya Dance Company - Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose is a professional dance company dedicated to promoting, propagating, and perpetuating the traditional dance forms of South India through quality education and creative performances in the SF Bay Area.
  4. Aeolian - Arts and Music Center
  5. An article of the Late Protima Gauri - an article on Protima by dancer Anjana Rajan
  6. Anjana Rajan - Disciple of Rukmini Devi Arundale of Kalakshetra. A fine exponent of Bharata Natyam
  7. Arpana Dance Company and Ramya Harishankar - Read about this Bharata Natyam dancer and her various career highlights etc as well as her dance school, Arpana in California, USA,.
  8. Ashavari Dance Scool - Read about this school of Kathak based in USA and India. The site is maintained by Gargi.
  9. Balasaraswati (1918-1984) - T.Balasaraswati (1918-1984). One of the last temple dancers of Bharata Natyam. A legend in her own right.
  10. Bharathi Kalalaya's web home - A fine arts institution/school dedicated to Performing Arts in Indian Music and Dance based in Fremont, California USA.
  11. Bharati Shivaji - Padmashri Bharati Shivaji is one of the most popular Mohini Attam exponents of India
  12. Bharatiya Sangeet Sadan - Uma Sharma's Kathak school based in New Delhi, India. It was founded by V.D. Sharma in 1943.
  13. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London (U.K.) - A centre for learning Indian dances (Kathak, Bharata Natyam), Indian languages (Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Tamil), Indian Music (Hindustani, Carnatic and Bengali), Indian Instruments (Sitar, Table, Veena, Mridangam, Flute, Violin) as well as other classes (Yoga, Indian Architecture) in London, U.K.
  14. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New York (USA). - Institute of Indian Culture, USA. Based in NY the Bhavan offers training in Bharata Natyam, Kathak, folk dances, as well as Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Vocal Music and Indian Culture to children (!). A very good, up-to-date site on the New York Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
  15. Center for World Music: Balasaraswati Page - Brief write-up on Balasaraswati with some rare pictures of her.
  16. Chandralekha - Chandralekha: Read about this creative dancer who always manages to upset the more traditional rasikas in the crowd.
  17. Chidambaram: R. Visweswaran & Chitra Visweswaran - A couple based in Madras, India. Their school, Chidambaram, offers Bharata Natyam dance training by Chitra Visweswaran, a leading artist of Bharata Natyam dance. Her dance style is a comination of what she calls 'the best of Pandanallur, Vazhuvur, and the Mysore styles'. Her husband, R. Visweswaran is an excellent Carnatic vocal artist and is also the topmost Santoor disciple of the Santoor legend Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.
  18. Contemporary Indian Dancer: Ranjabati Sircar - Ranjabati Sircar has training in Bharatnatym, Kathakali, Manipuri, Mayurbhanji, Chhau, Sattvika Abhinaya, Hatha-Yoga, Sattipatthana Zen Meditation. Her dancing now focusses on relationships between people in the context of war, gender and social politics.
  19. Dance schools in the USA - A list of Indian dance schools in the USA.
  20. Dhananjayans and Bhaaskara - The dance school of the famous dance couple, VP and Shanta Dhananjayan, based in Madras India.
  21. Ellora Center for Performing Arts - Founded by Guru Rema Shrikant. The school is based in Baroda, India and teaches Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam.
  22. Falling in step - An article in The Indian Express in July 97 on the appointment of Surupa Sen and Lynne Fernandez in Nrityagram.
  23. Gyan Ashram & Dr. Francis Barboza - The innovative Bharata Natyam dancer who has been the pioneer of bringing Christian themes to the dance style.
  24. Interview: Sonal Mansingh - "Fusion creates confusion" she says. Read about this great personality and her production Cinemaya.
  25. Kala Chethena Kathakali Company - A Kathakali troupe, founded in 1987, based in the UK. Tour details for end 1999. Good site and pictures.
  26. Kala Sadhanalaya - A dance institution dedicated to the training & performance of Bharatanatyam in the Melattur style in Chennai, India.
  27. Kala Samarpana - Kuchipudi and Bharata Natyam dance school founded in 1969, based in Madras. Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi, Founder-Director of Kala Samarpana foundation. Narasimhachari is a rare combination of a music composer, choreographer,singer, nattuvanar, mridangam player, concert musician, dancer and a highly respected Guru.
  28. Kalabhavan - Based in Ernakulam this institute teaches all forms of art as well as dance.
  29. Kalairani Natya Saalai - A dance school based in Maryland, USA. With special focus on Christian themes.
  30. Kalakshetra - A write-up on Kalakshetra with links to other Art India sites.
  31. Kay Poursine's Home Page - Read about Kay Poursine who trained in dance and music in USA and India from 1972 to 1983 under the guidance of the late T. Balasaraswati. She offers classes in Connecticut, USA.
  32. Lasya Dance Company - An organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Bharatanatyam. It was established in 1999 by Smt. Vidhya Sridhar in Sunnyvale, California, USA.
  33. Leela Prabhu Theater Arts - Classical Theater of India - Based in Minnesota, USA, the Leela Prabhu Theater Arts (LPTA)is a non-profit organization dedicated to the perpetuation of classical dance and drama that originated in the Indian sub-continent.
  34. Leela Samson - Padmashri Leela Samson is one of the most popular Bharata Natyam exponent of India
  35. Madhavi Mudgal - Padmashri Madhavi Mudgalis one of the most popular Odissi exponent of India
  36. Mamata Shankar Ballet Troupe - MAMATA SHANKAR BALLET TROUPE - A Calcutta based dance institute engaged in teaching and performing choreographic presentations on various contemporary themes and folk forms based on the Uday Shankar style.
  37. Maya Menon - Dance teacher at a school in North Carolina, USA. She has had training under the Dhananjayans of Madras, India.
  38. Misrasena and Roger Sinha - *In French* Choreographer, dancer and artistic director of MISRASENA, Roger Sinha has lived in Canada since 1968. Roger combines the detailed articulation of the fingers, hands and arms (his own movement vocabulary enhanced by his studies in Bharata Natyam) with the more full body movements of North American modern dance.
  39. Nalanda - Founder: Kanak Rele - Find out about their Diploma in Indian Art by correspondence.
  40. Nateschwara - Dance academy and theatre in Baden, Switzerland run by Vijaya Rao. In German.
  41. Natya Nilayam and Radha Ganesan - Bharata natyam school in Maryland, USA.
  42. Natyakalam Dance School - Founded by Hema Rajgopalan. Her daughter, Kritika is also an excellent dancer.
  43. Noopur dance school of Bharata Natyam in Leiderdorp - A Bharata Natyam dance school in The Netherlands.
  44. Nritya Rangam--Manipuri, Kathak and Bharata Natyam dance school. - Nritya Rangam is a school in Hyattsville, MD,(USA) giving training in Manipuri, Kathak and Bharata Natyam dances. The Artistic Director and founder is Guru Moirangthem Nabaghana Shyam Singha.
  45. Nrityagram - The dance school set up by Protima Gauri on the outskirts of Bangalore.
  46. Nrityagram: Surupa Sen speaks - Read this excellent interview of the artistic director (as well as dancer), Surupa Sen of the famous Nrityagram school (founded by Protima Gauri Bedi) outside Bangalore, India. The school offers training in Mohiniattam, Kathak and Odissi
  47. Obituary: Sanjukta Panigrahi - Written by Rajaram Satapathy this obituary traces Sanjukta Panigrahi's life and achievements.
  48. Om Linga Performing Art Center - Based in LA, CA, USA. Artistic Director: Easwer G. Ganesh. Good lay-out.
  49. Pratima Gauri Bedi - Read about Pratima Gauri Bedi and her Odissi school, NRITYAGRAM in the "We Salute" section.
  50. Purvi Sheth - A Bharatanatyam dancer.
  51. Ragamala Music and Dance Theater - A dance school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ragamala Music and Dance Theater presents dance, music and poetry, blending the East and West in unique and innovative programs that reflect the multicultural world in which we live.
  52. Raja and Radha Reddy - A great site on Raja & Radha Reddy, world famous Kuchipudi Dancers as well as their dance school Natya Tarangini.
  53. Ramaa Bharadvaj and Angahara Ensemble - Ramaa Bharadvaj - eminent dancer, brilliant choreographer, and teacher/educator of Indian Classical Dance (Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi). Also the Artistic Director of the Angahara Ensemble based in Yorba Linda, California, USA.
  54. Ramayana Ballet at Its Original Place - Ramayana Ballet is presented by more than 250 artists at its original place Ramayana Open Air Theater & Trimurti Theater Prambanan Temple complex - Yogyakarta - Indonesia.
  55. Ramli Ibrahim - Sutra Dance Theatre - Sutra is the Dance school run by Ramli Ibrahim a Malaysian who is a well known dancer of Bharata Natyam, Odissi, Ballet and modern dance. His guru is Padmashri Adyar from madras, India, and he has also learnt under Nala Najan and Indrani, both in the USA. Some lovely pictures!
  56. Reela Hota - Home Page - One of the popular young exponents of Odissi
  57. Sampradaya Dance - Sampradaya Dance Academy and Sampradaya Dance Creations run by choreographer Lata Pada in Canada.
  58. Sanjukta Panigrahi's Life - Read of Sanjukta's impact in the world of Odissi.
  59. Sarmistha - Sharmistha Cultural Unit for dance dramas on Ramayan, Mahabharat, Rabindranath and Indian folk culture. Based in Calcutta, India.
  60. Satyavani's Home Page - Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi teacher based in Chicago, USA.
  61. Saundaryalahari School of dance. - Kuchipudi dance school in Chennai.
  62. Shagun Butani's Home Page - Shagun Butani has learnt Kathakali and Bharata Natyam, buther passion is Odissi.
  63. Sharon Lowen - Very insightful interview with Sharon Lowen of Detroit, USA who is leading Odissi dancer.
  64. Shoba Natarajan - Shoba Natarajan is a Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi dance exponent based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She runs a Dance school, as well as a Summer training programme "Samskriti".
  65. Shri Krupa Dance Foundation - A dance school founded in 1992 by Guru Vishal Ramani in San Jose, USA. *This site is still under construction*
  66. Shriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra - The Institution which has been involved in the development of Indian Art, Music, Dance-Drama's and doing shows like Krishna Avtaar, Ram Lila etc.
  67. Siri Rama - Siri Rama is a Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi artist. Read of her background, achievements and the background to the technical aspects of these dance styles.
  68. Sonal Mansingh - Padmabhushan Sonal Mansingh is one of the top ranking Odissi and Bharata Natyam guru and exponents
  69. Sonal Mansingh and CICD - Lovely site on one of India's best Bharata Natyam and Odissi exponents. She founded the Centre for Indian Classical Dances (CICD) in 1977 in Delhi, where she resides. Sonal believes, "A dancer is not just a dancer. She is part of this environment. She does not exist in a vacuum. Society and its happenings have an impact on all individuals, specially artists..." - Wonderful!
  70. Sri Rajarajeswari - Sri Rajarajeswari Bharatha Natya Kala Mandir, is probably the most famous Bharata Natyam school in Mumbai. It was founded 53 years ago by Guru Sri A.T. Govindraj Pillai, assisted and enthused by his wife Smt. Karunambal. A good, detailed, well laid-out site.
  71. Sudharani Ragupathy and Shree Bharatalaya - Shree Bharatalaya was founded in 1970 in Mylapore, Madras, India by Sudharani Raghupathy, Madurai N. Krishnan and K.Soundararaja Iyengar. They believe in "Art for Art's Sake" (what a breath of fresh air!). Sudharani is my personal favourite dancer as well!
  72. Swapana Sundari - Padmashri Swapna Sundari is one of the most popular Kuchipudi exponents of India
  73. The Lady Atop India's Top Arts Academy - About the history of Shree Bharatalaya and Sudharani Raghupathy's early beginnings.
  74. Vahini Nirthiyalaya - Bharata natyam Dance school based in Canada since 1990 under Sureka Radhakrishnan of Kalakshetra.
  75. Venkatesha Natya Mandir - Founded by Radha Sridhar in 1973 in Bangalore. Recognised by Govt. of Karnatka
  76. Vidyanjali - A twenty-five year old organization started by Vaideeshwar and Jaya Doraiswamy in Canada and it's goals are to promote and glorify the Indian arts, cultures and traditions. Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and folk dances are taught.
  77. Why go to Nrityagram? - Reasons why several girls left their homes to dance with "Gaurima" at Nrityagram.
  78. Yamini Krishnamurthi - Padmabhushan Yamini Krishnamurthi is a veteran in the world of Indian arts.

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