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  • Alarmel Valli - Alarmel Valli, Bharata Natyam classical dance artiste of South India and an exponent of the Pandanallur tradition of this dance form.
  • Bharata Natyam Study Guide - A great interactive site, where you can find more information about mythology, Gods, download music and much more..

iMahal suggests:

  1. A History of Bharata Natyam - A good introduction to the history of this dance.
  2. An Introduction to Bharata Natyam A good intro to Bharata Natyam as well as the items of a dance concert by Kay Poursine.
  3. Anita Mallick
  4. Anjana Rajan - Disciple of Rukmini Devi Arundale at Kalakshetra, Anjana is a dedicated guru and a fine exponent of Bharata Natyam.
  5. Article: Malavika Sarukkai - Another article on Malavika Sarukkai.
  6. Article: Malavika Sarukkai - An article on Malavika Sarukkai, an eminent Bharata Natyam and Odissi dancer who also graces the cover of "Bharata Natyam" by Sunil Kothari (Marg Publications).
  7. Article: Rukmini Devi and Kalakshetra - An article from THE HINDU ONLINE:Sunday, March 07, 1999 (Entertainment Section).
  8. Association for Indian dance promotion - *In French* Coming soon in English. Bharata Natyam recitals and courses by teacher, Yousuf Kazi.
  9. Bharata Natyam - The basics and origins of this dance.
  10. Bharata Natyam (Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article)
  11. Bharatanatyam - An intro to Bharata Natyam dance.
  12. Book: Bharata Natyam by Sunil Kothari - This is the best hardback book on Bharata Natyam and includes topics such as Origins, Adavus, Gurus, Exponents with some great pictures.
  13. Essay: Perspectives of a Bharat Natyam Dancer
  14. Ganesa Natyalaya - Ganesa Natyalaya was established in 1974 by Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan. The school is apparently a leading institute for Bharata Natyam in New Delhi.
  15. General - Bharatanatyam - Excellent general Info on Bharata Natyam.
  16. Interview: Swati Bhise - An insightful interview with a well known Bharata Natyam artist.
  17. Janak Khendry Dance Company - Concise write-up on the Toronto-based dancer's company.
  18. K.Lakshman - Lakshman's Biodata.
  19. Kala Vandana Dance school - Founded by Sundara Swaminathan, this dance school is based in San Jose. several of its dance productions are featured in these webpages.
  20. Kavitha Ramu - Kavitha's Biodata.
  21. Ketaki Narain 's Home Page - A disciple of Sonal Mansingh.
  22. Ketaki Narain - Ketaki is an upcoming Bharata Natyam dancer
  23. Leela Samson - Padmashri Leela Samson is one of the most popular Bharata Natyam exponent of India
  24. Malavika Sarukkai - Short background on the Bharata Natyam exponent.
  25. Manjula - Manjula's Biodata.
  26. Meenakshi Madurai Temple - Picture of temple deities (close up) of the Madurai Temple, Tamil Nadu. The posture of the deities resembles very closely that of Bharata Natyam.
  27. Monisha Patil-Bharadwaj - Address of this Bharata Natyam teacher based in London, UK.
  28. Nalini Prakash - Read the accomplishments of Nalini Prakash, a student of Sudharani Raghupathy.
  29. Namita Bodaji Short piece on this dancer.
  30. Natya Shastra and the History of Bharata Natyam
  31. Naya India Kate Foley Company and California Contemporary Dancers present a shared dance performance at Theater Artaud celebrating contemporary India.
  32. Noopur dance school of Bharata Natyam in Leiderdorp A Bharata Natyam dance school in The Netherlands.
  33. Origins of Bharata Natyam Shilpa's Home Page and links to info on her dance arangetram.
  34. Padmashri Adyar K Lakshman's Home page This site tell about his personal profile. It also includes his compositions, Awards, Tours etc. This site is created and maintained by their sons Baba Prasad and Krishna Prasad.
  35. Prakash Yadagudde Details of the resident teacher at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London, UK.
  36. Preeti Vasudevan's Homepage - Bharata Natyam: An Asian-Indian Classical Dance Tradition
  37. Priya Murle - Priya's accomplishments in dance and music.
  38. Priyadarshini Govind - Priyadarshini's Biodata
  39. Profile on Malavika Sarukkai - Read about the relationship this amazing dancer has with her mother. Some lovely pictures as well.
  40. Raks Sharki + Bharata Natyam - Read about this woman who has learnt both Bharata Natyam as well as Raks Sharki.
  41. Rukmini Devi Arundale's KALAKSHETRA - Government of India declares Kalakshetra as an Institution of national importance.
  42. Savithri Arts Academy - Institute of Indian Classical Dance
  43. Shaili Mehta's Invitation for Arangetram - A typical arangetram invitation, on the Net! This student is a disciple of Prithika Samani who has also danced with Hema Malini.
  44. Shakti of Japan - A page on the Japanese dancer Shakti, who was trained by her mother, Vasantmala.
  45. Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company - This choreographer of contemporary dance and her talented dancers all have training in Bharata Natyam as well as some martial arts. The influence of Bharata Natyam is very strong in all their works. The company, founded 10 years ago, is based in London, UK.
  46. Shobana - Interview with Shobana, Bharata Natyam artist as well as actress.
  47. Shree Bharatalaya-A unique Dance School - The ideas implied & practised make Shree Bharatalaya not only a pre-eminent but also a unique institution of learning for classical Bharatanatyam dance & classical music.
  48. Sonal Mansingh - Padmabhushan Sonal Mansingh is one of the top ranking Odissi and Bharata Natyam guru and exponents
  49. Srekala Bharath - Srekala's Biodata.
  50. Srinidhi Chidambaram - Srinidhi's Biodata
  51. Sugandha Sreenath - Kuchipudi, Kathak and Bharata Natyam dancer based in California, where she now teaches Bharata Natyam.
  52. Suran Goonatilake - Suran Goonatilake - A photographer's view of Bharata Natyam. Some excellent 'arty' photos of the dance.
  53. Tilottama Koshy's Home Page - This Cochin based choreographer and exponent of Indian classical dance is making waves
  54. Vasumathi - A Multi-Hued Artist - A dancer, a singer and a writer. Profile of the performing artist of Indian Classical dance - Bharatanatyam.
  55. Vijayantimala Bali - This legendary dancer (and actress) has been dancing for over 5 decades. Read about her performance.
  56. Welcome to Namita Bodaji's Web Home - Webpage of this up-and-coming Bharata Natyam artist.
  57. Western Choreographers Owe Much to the Dances of India An excellent article on the effect of Indian classical dance (Bharata Natyam) on great Western dancers and choreographers, such as Ruth St. Denis, Martha Graham, Mark Morris.
  58. Yamini Krishnamurthi - Padmabhushan Yamini Krishnamurthi is a veteran in the world of Indian arts.

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