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  1. Art Gallery at The Horizons - Write ups on various Indian artists including Lakshmi Srinath and Rohini Sinha. There's also a special collection courtesy of the Apparao Gallery, Chennai.
  2. Art Today - On-line gallery of arts of contemporary arts by artists of Indian origin or Indian and Asian themes provided by India Today magazine. Beautiful images, well organized.
  3. Black Peacock Home Page - A a beautifully unique site offering a lush gallery of art from India. The Black Peacock also includes articles and essays on Vedic wisdom and Gaudiya philosophy as it applies to today's world.
  4. Exotic India : Indian Miniature art Paintings - Exotic India offers classic Indian Miniature paintings, all handmade, produced using homemade colors and produced using handmade paper. The paintings are thematically presented as under Mughal, Hindu, Erotic, Falconry, etc. The Gallery also offers related books on Indian Arts and culture.
  5. Home Page of Mr. Ram V. Sutar - Ram V. Sutar is one of the most eminent Indian sculptors and has been bestowed upon with one of the highest civilian orders in India - the Padmashri earlier this year.
  6. Modern Indian Artists (Painters/Sculptors) - A list of contemporary Indian Artists as well as a description of their styles, including Raza who lives and works in Southern France.
  7. SULOARTS - Buy Indian fine arts, paintings, cultures, folkart (based in Houston, Texas).
  8. Small Wonders - Small Wonders India provides unique miniature type art and craft works, mini sail ship models, etc.

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