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Austin Kumar
909 Maniana Avenue
San Diego, California 90909
(909) 555-1212

May 6, 2000

Ms. Dorothy Winchell
Director of Personel
Entil Corporation
909 Grove Avenue
Santa Clara, California 90909

Dear Ms. Winchell:

As I mentioned in our telephone conversation on April 31, 2000, I am pleased to accept the position of Senior Engineer working with Mr. Horatio Chen in the Security Applications Department of the Advanced Development Division. I am also pleased with the conditions of employment including the yearly salary of $65,000 and the Employment Benefits Program specified in your offer letter dated April 1, 2000.

Thank you for offering to provide me with information about housing and for mailing me the detailed Moving Guide. I'm confident it will answer any questions I have regarding travel, moving, and reimbursements.

I will report to work at 8 AM on June 12, 2000 at your office and will bring with me the required documents. I look forward to joining Entil in Santa Clara.


Austin Kumar

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